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5th year dating anniversary!
Thursday, March 05, 2009 6:39 PM

Do you still remember...

I still do! :) Our 1st touch, 1st kiss, 1st photosticker, 1st trip together and many many more... (some photos look horrible leh!! hahah! we did change a lot, didn't we? But our love still remain strong...:))

I can't thank god, or anyone enough for giving you to me. You're the best thing in my life and I never wanna think about what my life would be without you.

You may have heard me saying all these a million times but you know they are true. (No! Words are not cheap! :P)

As I have not fully recovered hence unable to go out and get you a gift, here I am dedicating this post to you... the best boyfriend, husband, soulmate and daddy of our future kids.

I love you, and you only and you always. Thanks for loving me, taking care of me, sharing the same passion as me, listening to my woes, trying to remember the songs I wrote, bringing kuma alive, providing me a wonderful home, making me one of the youngest tai tai around (minus the mahjong, hightea and shopping), appreciate my cooking, playing silly games with me, accepting all my bad (and smelly) habit, making sure I am healthy... (so much more that I can never finish stating them).

Last but not least... here's part of a song I wrote for you a few weeks back... hope you like it! <3

bee, 你真的好帅好可爱哦~!*chu~

OH! And a big thank you to those of you who have been part of our journey! It's a pleasure to have you guys onboard! Haha! May there be many more good 5 years to come!

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