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Our short trip back to Singapore
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 8:35 AM

[Day 1]
Flew back home on a Saturday morning. Woah the queue at the airport is insanely slow moving. Even when we got to the airport early, we end up with no time for breakfast. Spent like 20Sgd for crappy food onboard. -_-

Touch down Singapore in the noon and my Sister with her SO, Jeff came to fetch us. Thanks dears!

Had uber late lunch at Siglap's Thai Express (oooo my curry soft shell crab rice!) and went back home to unload our baggage. Rested for 2 hours or so, Sister came and fetch us back to my parents' place and zoom to Fatty Restaurant for dinner. Too much food!! But nevertheless great company! :)

[Day 2] The Husband left home really early that morning but I didn't manage to sleep in because by the time I got up to help him prepare, my eyes are wide open already. :/

Wanted to flag for a cab along the road but realise I just step on someone/animal POO o m g what luck! I was hestitating if I should board that cab which is approaching me incase I stink it. Tried to get rid most of them by brushing against the grass but realise I had some stuck on my blardy feet. Gawd.

I swear I underestimate the smell of poo because it really stink up the entire cab in no time with just a wee bit of them stick to my feet! I got really embarrassed and decided to confess it to the cab driver. Haha... and he was nice enough to offer me some car spray deodorant to wipe off whatever left on my sandals and feet. Damn I should totally buy lottery that day.

Thank god the journey wasn't that long and so I make a quick dash back to my parents' place and "disinfect" my feet right away.

It has been a reallyyyyy long time since we had breakfast together. Just me, my parents and my sister. Before I got married, we always takeaway breakfast back home to eat instead of having it outside. Especially Kuey Chap! That morning I suggested that we should eat out at the kuey chap stall that literally grew up with me. Haa!

Love breakfast like these. And I hope I have more quality time with my family soon again.

Sister and I had some girly time together. We 1st make a trip to my maternal grandma place to pass her the 老婆饼 I bought from Hk that she love. I felt really bad because I didn't even manage to see her during CNY. The last time I saw her was on my wedding last Nov! I really love her because she is always there to take care of me when something crops up in the family. And I remember how she wanted to give me and my sister the best toys she can find. A truly admirable old lady. :)

Did some shopping at Suntec and Marina Square and we hopped over to Town next to get my heels and clutch bag for the dinner.

It was quite a mad rush because I was supposed to meet up with the Husband at 7pm in Town but we only left Town at 5 plus and I need to get back home, shower, makeup, change and get back to Town before 7pm. Thank godness for the Sister to send me back and fro. I doubt I can ever make it by taking cab. Thanks jie!

The dinner ended pretty late and it's already way past midnight by the time we got home. Nevertheless we had a great time!

[Day 3] We visited the Husband's grandma in the morning. Haven't seen her for quite awhile too and I am glad she is recovering well from the accident she met a few months back. (curse the reckless and irresponsible cyclist! Grr!)

Again, Sister fetch us to and fro everywhere and really thank god for her!

After loading our baggage in the car, we went to Killiney Kopitiam @ Killiney road to have breakfast+lunch. I had curry chicken with Prata, the husband had laksa and my sister had french toast with halfboil egg. ^^ Very very very yummy!! We had some Kaya, complimentary from my uncle for the husband to distribute out for his HK colleagues. Hope it serve as a form of advertistment for them too!

After food and while time still allows, we went back to my Dad's office and kill sometime. Finally get to see my Dad's new arowanas. I still can't agree on putting 2 together but as long as my Dad likes it this way...

Precious time flies when you least wanted it to happen. It's time to bid goodbye with my love ones and I really hate it.

The husband keep asking me why I look so gloomy. Haha... Perhaps I still miss home.

Although it's a short trip but I still find satisfaction in it as I managed to visit our grandmas which I think it's very important.

Oh have you met my new friend? Gloomy X Hello Kitty charm. Unlike Gloomy bear (which is really bloody), Hello Kitty had ketchup on her instead. Too cute!

I know the Husband can't wait to get back home because he got a whole shitload of work waiting for him to complete. Poor boy can't rest enough. He is working on his laptop everywhere, anytime. At the airport, in the plane, work from day to night. He have been so caught up at work these days that we only had dinner at 9plus 10 everyday.

Let's hope he finish his job fast and we can have more quality time together...

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