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Rilakkuma madness
Friday, April 03, 2009 11:52 AM

Hello everybody! Anyone miss seeing kumas on my blog? Hee...

That's my new bedsheet that I bought when Ailing Mei came over to visit me. Love the colors! At least it's not so guniang as compared to pink.

The babies have been doing alot of suntanning these days as my bed is directly receiving sunlight in the afternoon. The sun can get so strong that my previous bedsheet color got washed off. I hope my kumas won't turn light brown soon. ><

I was at the kuma shop a few weeks back and the lady pass me a booklet of upcoming new stuff from San-x. I didn't order anything but now I truly regretted it! Ugh so much things I want and she is offering discount for pre-order!

Maybe I should make a trip to the store again this weekend.

And here's the new Kuma comic! (Yes I am obviously too free...)

I have been thinking of getting 1 more kuma which is bigger than DBS. I can't wait to visit Japan! I will be the happiest girl to visit the Rilakkuma store there!

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