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Of Charity, Dating & Luxury Lust.
Wednesday, June 03, 2009 8:52 AM

Before I continue blogging with my usual boring whatnots, PLEASE take sometime to visit these websites...

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

and HERE.

PLEASE help... your donations can help this sweet and strong little girl. My heart breaks at the photos of her falling hair from the chemo treatment but it doesn't take that smile away from her little face. I am sure I am not as strong as her... Maybe not even half.

Any amount of donation helps. $100... $10... or even $1. Imagine if everyone in Singapore contribute $1?! I am sure it's more than enough to save the girl's life! I am sure it doesn't hurt to eat something cheaper today. I am sure it doesn't hurt you to NOT shop impulsively today.

Do your part... I will do mine too!


Last weekend the hubby and I went paktor. Saturday I gotta look for a pink dress for GY&Junie's wedding. (I don't have a single pink dress in my waredrobe. Unbelievable.)

Sunday, we went to the Big Buddha to pay our respect.

Not sure if everyone knows but I have phobia in climbing down the long flight of stairs at the Big Buddha. Climbing up is okie but climbing down... looking at the steep and long flight of stairs, I start to have hallucination of falling down. Damn scary can?! I can't see the next step and I take forever to go down. I was holding on to the hubby so tightly and perspiring like a mad woman. -_-'

These days, I have some serious lusting over some luxury stuff...

I fall in love with Miu Miu's zaffiro color. And I love bags with silver hardware! Too bad my Ibisco bow has gold hardware instead...

Anyway, lust is lust la. Not neccessary to buy and own them! :P I will always keep staring at the picture and until I am sick of them one day, I know it's not something I should break my bank and buy.

And even if you and me have spare cash, no harm using some or all on charity! Like for the little girl I mentioned above, Charmaine. :)

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