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Monday, July 06, 2009 10:11 AM

Hello everyone! Thanks for the feedbacks in the previous post! They are really important to me so I know what I should bring in and what should I not.

By the way, how much are you willing to spend on Rilakkuma items. Like maybe, cups $20, wallet $30? As we all know, original items from Japan San-x are quite pricy so it's part of my concern when bringing certain items too. Let me know ya!

Still at the midst of getting things done but I wish I could start the Rilakkuma store soon! :)

So these days I have been busy flipping thru catalog (still wah-ing at them and wish all were mine!) and doing a list of items that I may wanna bring in. I used to do such work when I am still working in my Dad's coy. Excel is my best friend. HEE! I am so engrossed with this upcoming store that I spent our weekends at home (while the hubby still busy exploring his new cam).

1st of June was HK's public holiday (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day) and we decided to give our tummy good treats that day. We had delicious dimsum for high tea! Love it!

And when we were on the way to the restaurant, the Hubby saw a kid holding on to a Hello Kitty Macdonalds toy. He knows I have a weak spot for nice Macdonalds collaboration toys so he drag me to Mac and check it out.

We are really lucky to make it on time for their special set release. They are selling a set of 6 toys, with 6 discount card and 1 tote bag at the price of HKD188. (without the need to eat their set meals at all. Originally, customers have to pay HKD20 for each toy. Plus the tote bag, discount card and 1 of the toy, in doctor outfit, only available from the special set.)

SO cute hor! Wah lau I heard the set got sold out on the same day in less than 6 hours. And thank god I managed to get one more set for my Sister. :)

That night, we had dinner at C'est bon!, a French cuisine quite famous in HK. Since its so conveniently located at the mall next to our place, we decided to celebrate our belated wedding anniversary.

The food is really good! But I have forgotten to take pictures of the main dish. I had rosemary lambsteak while the hubby had fish. I LOVE THEIR foie gras and redwine pear to the max! But then I will reconsider about going again... Their service really sucks.

1st, the knife on my side is dirty. I can't figure out if it's SOAP or BUTTER which they didn't managed to wash them off entire. UGH. 2ndly, they manager (!!) attitude is super turn off. Just because he can't really understand english, he gave this super annoyed look which I wanna slap him real hard! BAH! Seriously, they have the worse attitude among the rest of fine dining restaurant I have been to and somemore they are not EXACTLY that fine dining la! Pui.

Okie! I gotta go back to get work done now! Hope you guys have a great Monday and I hope Hong Kong have typhoon soon! :P

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