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It's meant to be.
Friday, September 04, 2009 12:57 PM

I used to tell myself that I must find a man who can speak cantonese to be my husband.

I don't know why. Maybe because my family speaks cantonese, cantonese sound less vulgar(:P), cantonese seems like the coolest dialect ever.

But in the end, I got married to a hokkien.

When I met the husband, I never mind him for not being able to speak cantonese. (Actually the must-speak-cantonese criteria just slip off my mind.) Instead, I tried picking up hokkien instead so I can converse better with his grandma. (Not only asking, AH MAH! JIAK BA BUEY!)

Years later, he decided to move over to Hong Kong and work. From someone who can't understand what my family is talking about during family gathering, the husband is able to understand and speak the fast paced cantonese in HK. He master it so well that he almost lost his ability to speak hokkien with his grandma already. Haha.

Maybe it's meant to be. I really got married to a man who can speak cantonese. And I love him very much. :)

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