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Bags Heaven
Thursday, November 12, 2009 12:09 PM

I am still floating in Bags Heaven! But before that I must reveal what the Husband bought for me incase people thinks that he really gave me the paperbag only. HAHA!

Presenting to you... DAMIER NEVERFULL MM! <3

The look at it still makes my heart skip abit! I love it SOOOOOOOO MUCH I think I gotta buy insurance for it. HAHA! I couldn't bear to use it yet... Still thinking if I should treat the bag with protection 1st before using... and I need to get a base shaper or bag organiser to maintain it's shape!

I love the red interior! It's so bright that it's blinding me! I love the smell of brand new bags but of course nothing beats the smell of calf leather. The smell on my Miu Miu still makes me high. :P

Thanks once again to the dearest Husband!! I love the bag but I love you more! <3

Since we are on bags already, here I am to share the other bags that I wish I can get when I start working again!

I love damier print! And I have the biggest crush on Trevi a long way back but it doesn't seems very fesible for me to get a Trevi when I am not working. And the Speedy 30? I think 30 is a superb size! I got a 25 Mono from my parents many years back as a birthday gift and I couldn't bear to use it! T-T If you know me well enough, I am super protective towards gifts from my parents. I don't know why.

That day while getting the Neverfull, the SA asked if we would like to purchase the Trunks & Bags Mini Pochette to go with the bag. The Husband said yes immediately but I held back because I really didn't want him to spend so much. Thou it's the very last piece and condition was perfect, I hesitated. NOW I REGRET IT SO MUCH I WANNA CRY! It's a limited edition and won't be restocking! The Husband offered to help me get it but his workload is insane and have been knocking off late. (LV closes at 8pm!! so blardy early!) Sigh. I should have bought it right on the spot that day. But I only decided to pamper myself a little after receving bonus from COMPASS. I hope they still has it this Saturday!

Oh I would like to get the ring keychain or a accordeon chain to hook my hp pouch or keypouch to the Neverfull! Not sure if it's easy to get them in store as I heard they don't keep stock for these...

Now which girl doesn't love to own a Bbag?!?!?! They have this in pink in the past season. I hope they will have a similar pink shade when I have the money to get it! :/

I happened to pass by the Marc Jacob store in Thailand Airport. All of the bags are so pretty! The one with doves is lovely. <3 And even the accessories is so pretty! Love Miss Marc! And Tricia, the bow necklace reminds me of you!

The new Coach Poppy series is really pop and sweet. When I was in Japan, they have just launched the Poppy series with Poppy-Chan! I saw this bag sooooooooo nice but so expensive la! And there goes the SA saying... "Only in Japan!". I know, because of the price!

I really had fun Window(s) shopping online. But I will work towards the goal of owning at least one of them by end of next year! :P

3 more days to Taipei with my besties!!! ARE YOU GIRLS READY?! <3 See Y'all at the Airport this Sunday!!!

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