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Peekture post
Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:32 PM

My gastric is rather weak these days. Everytime after any meals, I never fail to feel bloated, nauseous and breathless. It feels like I am unable to digest. Hate the feeling. :(

Here are some pictures from the week where Edwin and Cailin visited us.

Visited the usual place and not forgetting to bring them to our favourite dim sum, steamboat and roast goose restaurant. :)

Yesterday the Husband was on MC because the both of us was down with food poisoning. What should we eat when the most healthy food around, (CONGEE!) actually caused us to have food poisoning?! I chose to have curry chicken. LOL 以毒攻毒 okie?! But of course the health conscious Husband refuse to follow the crazy me. :P

Recently the Husband got bitten by the NBA bug. We were shopping for Basketball the other day but got this instead:

Ever since Edwin bought us milo from Singapore, I have been replacing my proper meals with milo and bread/cream cracker. Not sure if it's a healtier choice but it does helps to curb my cravings for some singapore-style drinks. :P

The cold weather is really torturing for me. These days I really hate showering and brushing my teeth. The icy water from the tap will give me froze bite!! I just wanna lie in bed whole day with the Husband and my kumas under the thick and warm blanket...

I am all excited about this weekend! Causeway Bay Time Square will be holding the 2nd part of the BAPE X CHOCOOLATE event and I can't wait to get my hands on the black tee!

And also I will be getting my 1st LV of 2010, which is the lugguage tag for my NF! Still thinking of what to heatstamp. Heard they only allow up to 3 letters only but some lucky ones got their items hotstamp up to 10 letters!

Should I hotstamp:

- D & A (if they allow &?)
- ANNE (if they allow 4 letters?)
- 雯 (heard they do chinese character but not sure if they have this word in their tool!)

Let me know what you think! :)


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