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Journey back home...
Tuesday, June 08, 2010 10:04 AM

I think it's almost a month since we both came back to Singapore for good. Sometimes I have forgotten that I ever left here and stay in a foreign country for almost 2 years. But from time to time when I am out shopping and looking at pricetag, I will automatically divide the amount by 5. VERY VERY DANGEROUS I TELL YOU. Everything will become very cheap but reality will hit you when you reaches the payment counter. LOL

I never really talk about how we came about deciding to come back for good. Actually we have been talking about it for a long long time but opportunity don't just come with a a snap of fingers. After a million tries, we finally see some lights in the dark tunnel...

The wait for the golden ticket flying back home took us about 3 months. It's insane I tell you. As much as I am dying to go home, the Husband appear more anxious then me. I think he may be suffering from depression that time. He can't sleep, eat or work. We go to the temple almost every weekend. All we can do is only pray, pray and pray...

And finally when we receive THE PHONE CALL, we realise it's not just about putting our belongings into suitcase and fly back home. We have to put everything in CARTONS instead.

Obviously I am incharge of packing since I am always at work. Buying carton boxes in HK is not as easy in SG. We had to travel far away to buy them and imagine the size of an inflated box. We need almost 20 of them.

Ever since, every single day was packing and packing for me. Sealing them up is a total bitch. Each boxes are so heavy and I have to tape them all around. Push, pull & turn. The worst part is stacking them up. It's not helping when the weather in HK is SO WET THAT EVERYTHING IS TURNING MOLDY! I don't want to bring mold back to Singapore.

Other than belonging, we have SO much to settle. From utilities bill transfer to bank account to apartment lease. Our head gets bigger each day.

I tried my luck and posted a thread in a expat forum regarding my lease break apartment and just within half an hour, I had emails from a few different people. And most of them are Singaporeans.

This particular girl from Singapore emailed me 1st so I gave her the piority to view our apartment on that weekend. We hit it off instantly (maybe it's the Singaporean thing. haha) and she have shown interest in taking over our apartment. Everything happen so quickly and before we know it, we sealed the deal and will move out 2 weeks later.

1 week before our departure we got the courier that my Dad recommend to ship our barangs back to SG via sea. A total of over 300kg! My Dad got a rude shock after I told him the weight. He asked if it's in pound instead. I thought it could be but I weigh them away and confirm it's kg. omg.

2 days before our departure, we moved out of our lovely apartment and put up at a hotel near our place. It was mix feeling for both of us. As much as we want to go back to SG, we don't know what's waiting for us back home.

1 day before flying back home, we watched Ipman again. (Did I mention I watched Ipman 2 like 3 times already?! HAHA! I even bought the DVD for part 1.) Had a nice meal and reminisce all the good times we had in HK.

THE DAY is finally here. Although we have shipped 300kg of items back but we are still stuck with 4 big luggages and a even buy extra weight for our barangs with the airline. But when we reaches the airport, the check in counter told us that our baggage exceeded what we have bought so we have to hand carry some of them. WOAH imagine us pulling out items one by one and dump everything into the trolley and run to the luggages store to buy a cabin size luggage.

When we reaches the departure gate, we were told that the flight is full so we have to check in our cabin luggage too! WTF man in the end also check in, why trouble us to buy another luggage and take our things out from our usual luggage?!?!?!

The flight home was exceptionally long but not like I am complaining... I believe I won't be taking another flight for a long long time later. :P

So happy to reach the arrival hall seeing my Mum and Sister. Dad was too busy to come but thanks to him for allowing my sister to take time off from work. HEE

Went back home and another round of cleaning and unpacking. I am SO glad we are all settled down comfortably now. Life have been so good ever since!! ^^

Thanks to all my family & friends who have been there for me when I am troubled away from home. And thanks to my Husband who work so hard to provide me when I am not working for the past 2 years.

Vacation is over! But happiness remains! <3

(sorry for the wall of text! I am typing this blog in office so no pictures yet! :P But stay tune peeps!)

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