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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 2:06 PM

Yesterday the fiancé and I went to Pan Pacific to chose the color settings for our solemnization and decided on red and gold. I guess we still need sometime to decide if we want to change the menu.

The catering manager was asking if we are interested in doing a montage for our event. Mr Fiancé seems rather interested in it so I guess I will need sometime to do one... included he can pass me his baby photos fast. Hee. Maybe can reuse for our wedding hor.

Did I mention Pan Pac have superb service? This lady who attend to us is very friendly and easy to negotiate with regarding all terms. She gave us a bigger ballroom, include everything for us. Left us with no worries. Thanks Melanie for her help too. It's almost like wedding dinner now lor.

A few things to settle before I can really rest my mind...

-Gown fitting this weekend.
-Buy Mr Fiancé's white pants, shirt and shoe.
-Print inserts for invitation.
-Confirm number of guest.
-Confirm types and number of liquors to bring.
-Confirm menu.
-Do montage.
-Burn songs.
-Write emcee script.


Last Saturday, Mr Fiancé bought his very own 400d. I am very nice so I let him take my 10-22mm. T-T Yay we can go shooting together!

From Baby to Fiancé. Soon I will need to get used calling him my hubby. Nice. Tee-hee.

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