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Past week...
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 11:10 AM

was a rather dramatic one.

On Tuesday, I suddenly suffered from high fever and my body was aching so badly that I burst into tears. So my parents and sister brought me to the clinic.

I was coughing at the same time with fever, the nurse insisted that I put on a mask while waiting for my turn to see the doc. So blardy paisay. Everyone is siam-ing me like plague. *roll eyes*

Anyway I was down with serious viral attack. Was lying on bed for the past one week. Did nothing much except whipping out my thermometer and stuck it into my ear every half hour, only to see the temperature increasing. There was a period where my eyes was so scorching hot that I thought I am gonna be blind in no time. Scary shits.

Baby was on compassionate last week as his grandpa passed away so I didn't really get to see him last week except he came over to see me on Tuesday and next day when I went down for the wake. I feel bad that I couldn't be by his side for the rest of the week but I was really too sick to get outta my house. I hate it when I fall sick so easily. :(

We finally made the decision to hold our solemnization @ Panpac hotel. Thank god for dear Melanie's help and everything went smoothly! Deposit paid. Venue booked. JP booked. Date set.

The lady in charge was very nice to get us the pacific ballroom too! Now we need to finalise on the color theme and also the choice of food too. Need to get baby's outfit and go for my gown fitting next week. Register online this weekend.

Last but not least, do up a guestlist.

I have to declare that I am not able to invite every single friend of mine as solemnization supposed to be a close door event and celebration with close relatives only... but I have decided to limit myself inviting only 15 friends. So if you're not informed, that doesn't mean you're not my friend! It's just we are on restriction and I am sure you'll understand! I will try to included all my close friend in my AD wedding list thou! ^^ That's when I am able to invite more people to share this special moment!

Please get well soon, Anne! You must!

I am no deny, the hardcore fan of Rilakkuma.

Read about game here.

It's quite a bo-liao game la... but it's Kuma leh! How can I not play it!

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