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Last week!
Monday, June 11, 2007 10:29 AM

Thanks for all the opinion darlings!

You know ah... I was very excited to get the left pair that day after work with Mr Fiancé but to my disappointment, their last new pair have really bad black and yellowish stains. I guess it's because of their material and storage method. Anyway, it's from Nue Nue and it cost S$179 or something. Come thinking of it, it's a tad too expensive for a pair of slippers thou I know ROM is like a once in a lifetime thing. And so I walked over to Aldo and bought the right pair instead (with a 10% discount for UOB card! muahahaha). Actually I like them both equally so it doesn't matter which pair I bought. As long as I have something nice to go along with! ^^

Actually I thought of MTM a pair instead but I doubt I have enough time to do it. And I didn't chose those ballroom kind of slippers because personally I am not a very guniang kind of girl. Hahaa so I doubt they will suit me. >< Whatever it is, I am glad I have settled my shoe. ^^

Wah last week was rather eventful. I met up with Ailing mei, Peili, Kaijing & Dylan for mala huo guo at Bugis (and I had really bad tummy after that for 2 days. hehehe) and had some chitchat session at the Macdonalds near my place. Had lotsa fun catching up and recalling all the fun we had during Secondary school. Bumped into Eileen too! Heard some bad news about her family and I am sorry girl... that I wasn't there for you... hope you're coping well! *hugs*

Saturday, baby and I caught Men In White at Vivo and had dinner at Kim Gary, like again... Love their food thou!

I was sitting beside this couple during dinner and the girl beside me was really... plain rude.

Both of us have yet to order any food and therefore we have to jot down what we want before passing it to the waitress. She raised her voice at a near by waitress and said in chinese that she want her order to be taken. The waitress was holding to a handful of plates and therefore she can only take her order after placing them down.

When the waitress came back, she saw that our order is also ready and since she is nearer to us, she just pick up our piece of order 1st before proceeding to hers. So this girl was very pissed...(which I don't see the need of her being so overreact) and said loudly to her bf, "I told you she is deaf and blind! We called for her 1st what!". I was abit taken aback. Does it make a difference when its only like a few seconds later for the waitress to attend to you after us? Like hello, we didn't ask the waitress to take our order before you. Are you THAT hungry or what?

The poor waitress obviously heard what the girl said since she is so blardy loud, the waitress quickly pick up her order and went to proceed them.

Anyway, their food came before us so does it realli matter who order them 1st? *roll eyes*

Baby's soup came and he wanted the pepper, which only their table nearest to us have it. So baby was very polite and ask if he can have the pepper and the girl gave him the blardy pissed off "cant-you-get-them-else-where?!" look. I can't believe it leh. Is she having sucha bad day that she just have to show face to everyone? Her boyfriend was rather paisay about her attitude and quickly pass the pepper to baby instead.

During the whole course of dinner, she was complaining and eating and complaining and eating AND COMPLAINING, loudly with full of vulgarities, next to me. Practically like shouting into my ears since we are sitting quite near to each other. Luckily they left much before us, baby and I finally can have a peace dinner together.

Sometimes I wonder why there are such people around.. thou they know being nice can help brighten one's day too. Totally spoilt my mood for a nice evening dinner on a Saturday man! Ugh!

On Sunday, I joined Huijun to go for the Alene Orchard Mile run in Town. The weather was I N S A N E L Y hot. I was sweating like a pig even before my run starts. :/

I haven't been running for the longest time and it's really a huge challange for me thou it's only a 1.6km run. *blush* Glad I made it to the finishing point, in one piece. Huijun was wayyyyyyy ahead of me after the 2nd minute. So lonely la. Haa! But we had a good time catching up too!

Didn't want to brag about it but I have the sweetest Fiancé man! He woke up like 6.45am yesterday (he only slept for like 3 hours after crazily going after the serial, Heros) and sent me to Orchard for my run plus waiting for us till the event ends. <3 Thanks baby!

After the run, we dash to ECP's drivethru mac to buy our big breakfast and ate at home. I never smell so bad before so decided to do housework before I go for my nice and cold shower. Sweep and mop the upper storey while baby does the lower storey and I did the plant watering outside. The weather is sorching hot and the floor is so hot that I felt my feets are on fire! >< The side wall and floors of the porch seems to have fine lines cracks! :/ I quickly use the sprinkler and spray water all over the tiles and the plants just in case they turn fried!

I never appreciate my shower so much until yesterday. Heavenly!

Now my body is aching like crazy. Stop laughing, I know it's only 1.6km! ><

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