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Monday, July 23, 2007 10:26 AM

Sorry but I think my blog is getting too routine. :/ I really hope life would be more fulfilling than the usual daily stuff that I have been going thru since forever...

Previous weekends was Mahjong, Wii parties and home visiting. I really love crowds and parties... but the only setback is... forsaking our sleep. HEE... Whatever it is, I guess it's all worth it. It motivate us to clean up the house more thorough than ever.

I have been comtemplating about operating on my extra tooth for the past few months. What is stopping me is the amount of money that I am gonna spend on this little one and the pain that will occur. Sigh. WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME. :( Perhaps not everyone know la but I have this milk tooth that refuse to come out even till now. Therefore the adult one is peeking out from my front gum. It's getting bigger and bigger, like recently. So please, it's not rice that it's stuck on my gum, its a TOOTH! ><

Met up with Huijun on Friday for catching up. Initially planned for KTV but something is bothering my dear girl so we shopped and makan-ed instead. And I finally bought my speedlite! Got 430ex instead of 580ex. Bo bian... I realise that I gotta budget on everything. Afterall I don't need sucha good speedlite for now...

But baby got his 580ex mkII instead. And he even bought a lowepro stealth reporter d300. HAHA! So pro la!

Anyway, back to Huijun... so I managed to "physco" her to buy this top that look really nice on her. I got discount card mah... why waste it. :P We had dinner @ Marina Square's Mian Ai Mian. That reminds me the very last time I had them @ Beijing with baby and my in laws! ^^

Had a good heart to heart talk with Huijun... feel excited for her Taiwan trip where she will set to fly off today! Hope she will have a great trip ahead!

On Saturday, baby and I clean up the house and went down to Funan for some shopping. Finally managed to get our copy of Raving Rabbids. I figure out that the sequel will only be out sometime later so we shall just finish this one before getting the sequel. Had lunch at KFC and we both agreed that Funan's branch have the worse cleanliness, food and service. Sigh. Spoilt our plans for having a good lunch over at KFC.

We dropped by Cathay Photo to look for my Tripod but it's STILL out of stock. Didn't know that the particular model is so popular. Or perhaps I just missed out some really worthy promotion. :(

Didn't stay out for long, we went back home and stick to the TV with Raving Rabbids. Initially baby's friends are coming over for party but due to individual commitments, it's really difficult to gather everyone together. But in the end we still did meet up for dinner over @ Forum's Califronia Pizza Kitchen. Nice food! I love the pizza and definitely the company! :D~

Planning to go Batam for a short trip but upcoming weekends are pretty packed already. This coming Sunday we will be attending a Wedding Show @ Fullerton Hotel while the weekend after next will be spend with my parents. Perhaps after August since August is chinese's 7th Month. Not really good for seasports. :/



Seriously, it's getting on my nerves that the rain totally spoilt our plans to go Punggol at 5am to shoot the beautiful sunrise.

Damian, baby and I have decided to for a shooting spree on Sunday early morning to catch the sunrise @ Punggol as it's one of the most famous shooting location. The night before, baby and I anxiously pack our gears, wrap the tripod legs and planning what time should we get out of the house to fetch Damian so that we won't be late for the shoot.

We slept pretty early the night before because we need lotsa energy for the shoot. Who knows @ 3am + I received Damian's sms saying that it's raining and we gotta postpone our trip. Bawl! I was so looking forward to it la! In the end I switch off all alarm and went back to sleep without waking baby up. Sigh. To think that we did so much preparation the night before! *T-T*

I guess the rain was REALLY huge as the mini pond was totally filled up when it's only half filled the night before. -_-

In the end we slept all the way till 12pm. :/ The spoilt plan makes us feel so sian for the entire day. Sigh. So in the end we trottle down to Bugis, had fish&co, to Muji, got the drawer that I want and the iWhite promotional pack that I have been searching for! ^^

Went back to MY place and had dinner that my mum cooks. Heeee... haven't been eating homecook food for the longest time!

After dinner, we got back to baby's place... iron his clothes... watched CSI and Rabbid-ed for 15 minutes before we hit the sack.

It's Monday... YET AGAIN... *roll eyes*

Let's hope it won't take me another week before I update again. Take care everyone! ^^

PS. For my Darling Ailing Mei, Good luck for the rest of your papers! <3

And for Peili, cheer up and hope you're coping well with your career!

You girls, better be free soon to meet up with me! Miss you all la!

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