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Monday, July 02, 2007 6:21 PM

Hello everybody!

I am sorry that I can't upload the photos of our ROM yet as I have yet to compile them together. Prolly by end of this week or next week! ^^

And so, I am officially Mrs Ng for a week already. Nothing much has changed, except for the status. Thou I know it sounds rather old, I am really glad that we are at this very mature stage of our relationship, where both of us are ready to commit.

Actually Mrs Ng doesn't sound as bad as Madam Ho, which people will prolly call me that infuture. OMG. HAHA!

The weekend was extremely fruitful. We did so much and went so many places. No time to complain and enjoyed every moment spent.

On Saturday, baby and I decided to go Penisular to look at Speedlite. I was rather confirmed that I need one but almost the whole Singapore went out of stock for 580ex, be it the mkII or mkI. I was disappointed but got over it pretty quickly because it's not a must anyway...

But! We made our 1st hugeass purchase instead!

A 32" LCD TV!

We have been contemplating to get a new TV as the one at baby's place only shows green and blue, without red. HAHA. Very lazy to get someone to repair it la and since the TV is pretty old already, we thought we could make good used of the voucher we received as gifts for our ROM and get a new LCD TV.

We saw Harvey Norman at Funan having this smashing sale and the price was insanely cheap la! And they are giving away Home Theatre worth $499 as free gift! But the only setback is that the voucher is for Best Denki and not Harvey Norman. We tried to calculate and found out that we didn't lose anything as Best Denki price will not be as low as Harvey Norman even if we use the voucher. And so, we bought it right at the spot and happily carried it home.

Baby was blardy excited and we quickly fix up the TV. But to our dismay, we found 2 dead pixel, smacking right in the middle of the screen. The guy at Harvey Norman told us that Samsung's dead pixel exchange policy is, if there is ONE, ya only one dead pixel is found on the screen, we can exchange one for one within 14 days. Thou it's a hassle la, but both of us being perfectist, we carry the hugeass box all the way back to Harvey Norman next day.

On Sunday, Baby and I brought my parents and sister out to Kallang Stadium for the famous Taiwanese porridge. Come thinking of it, I have been going there since I was a little girl... almost 20 years already la. HEE! My Dad told us he have been there for 35 years liao. Woah.

Had a great lunch and after that, we hopped over to Burlington Square to collect the free Home Theatre but was told it's out of stock after queuing for half an hour. -_- Now we gotta wait for 3-4 weeks before new stock arrives.

Straight after that, we went to Fu Lu Shou building to look for the famous Astrologer to calculate auspicious date for our wedding. They can't give us the dates right away as the year 2008's 通书(or the Chinese Bible?) haven't release yet and will prolly be out by end of July. So I guess we gotta wait then! My Sister decided to go for the fortunate telling and omg, it's freaking-ly accurate. But I shall spare the details here. ^^

After Fu Lu Shou, we went back to Funan to have the TV exchanged while my parents and sister went to look at TVs. The staffs are rather patient and we finally exchanged for a flawless set. So happy la!

We went to place the TV back to the car and went to look for my parents. My Dad damn action pack la. He actually bought the same tv as us and it didn't take long for him to decide. But I am damn happy that I can enjoy big tv at both places. HEE. My home tv's is damn old school. I think garang guni also don't want. :/

We dash to the SMRT building to collect Dunkin Donuts that I have ordered via online and we sent my parents and sister home before baby and I went back to his place to install the TV.

After installing, we went out again to Esplande for some shooting and dinner. I thought I rather like this photo:

The night ended rather romantically, with us glued to the TV and cause us to overslept the next day. -_-

Very random shot in my office. My coco doll!

Woot! My birthday is like next month! So I happily came out with a wish list. It's not gonna be impractical la like car or house (Ok I rephrase it incase of misunderstanding) I won't daydream about getting a car or house as a present or getting them myself anytime soon... so I came out with something that I can afford. I guess wishlist is more like a list for me to satisfy myself and slowly save up and buy them instead of asking anyone to get them for me. Haa.

Here we go!

1) T&Co's pendant! I want to get one more to attached to the bracelet that my in-laws gave me! Just one will do! TEE-HEE!

2) Baby "kopped" mine! ><

3) Hopefully I can get it before I go travelling again!

4) This is so gonna be mine soon! I can't wait to play it with our new tv! ^^

I am very happy. I really am. :)

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