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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 9:14 AM

I am extremely lack of updates!

So excited to announce that I am now a proud owner of wii! I have been sourcing around for the best deal and local warranty set. But due to limited stock, it's almost impossible to find a local set around.

I have always been a loyal patronizer of Gamescore so I have been checking out if they have stock for wii. After running out of stock for past week or so, I finally saw new stocks coming in. I quickly called to reserve myself one set and was told that I have to collect it on the same day. Whole day in office, I was so excited la! So excited that I almost went breathless. HAHAAH! The gadget bug in me is acting up again! No good. HEE.

When the clock hit 5, Sister sent me (I was too blardy excited to drive! muahahah) to Funan and collected the wii! OMGGGGGG FINALLY I CAN LAY MY HANDS ON THE SHINY SHINY CONSOLE! *smirk* Now I have wiisports, mario party 8, wiiplay and spiderman!

So on the 6th of July 2007, the denne-wii is born. HEE.

Very happy with the purchase, not because I really enjoy playing it myself...(not that I don't like la but I have yet to really spend quality time with it) I felt very happy seeing how my love ones enjoy playing it. My mum, my sister, my hubby and his friends totally enjoy playing it! Sometimes making someone smile is more meaningful than making myself happy.

Hate to say this but wii really changed my life. Oh, plus the hugeass lcd tv too. HAHAH! Life will never be the same again!

I shall start organising some wii parties for the weekends!

On Friday, I also met daddy Damian and lingadingaling for lunch. Initially I was supposed to meet Damian to collect the photos he have taken for the ROM but he surprise me with a very very very nice looking professional album! Thanks for all the effort, Damian! It's totally priceless! ^^

While we were eating, Damian told me not to eat so fast as there is another surprise coming. Actually I would have guess it's Ling. HAHAHA! Sorry ah my 6th sense gave things away! ><

Ling walked into Hans with a hugeeeeee paper bag. Almost look as big as her. Heeee! And guess what! It's............

I will take photos of them real soon!

OMG! My dream wedding dolls! I know it's not blythe but blythe doesn't comes with boys! Pullip never really attracts my attention but this pair did.

I love it! All thanks to Ling, Wendy, April & Linus! ^^ You guys really know how to surprise me man!

Friday was really good. I was totally on cloud 9 for the entire day! Tee-hee.

Over the weekdays, I met up with Ailing mei & Peili for dinner and supposedly shopping la. HAHA! But in the end never bought anything except for a pair of Tamagotchi for mei and myself! Coincidently hers is boy and mine is girl. So hers is called Hei and mine is Bai. I have always been a crazy tamagotchi fan since young and their advance improvement amaze me la. Now you can even access the internet using your tama and earn point via playing games online. Total madness. I am starting to get totally obsessed with all this kind of toys. ><

5th of July is my sister's birthday and also denne's 40th monthniversary. How times flies! We have so many dates to celebrate. I shall start doing a calendar for myself just in case I forget anyone of them!

Hoho! 2nd week as Mrs Ng! I am good. Really love the fact that marriage brought me and baby closer. We used to bicker quite a bit but it seems all sweetness now. Sometimes I wonder if I am dreaming but I know, it's more than reality.

I love how my husband share the housework with no complains... how we share the same interest... how we enjoy hunting for good food to eat together... how he jump onto the bed to put me to sleep while he is busy post processing our photos... how he sayang me when I woke up in the middle of the night having bad eye infection... How he tries to make my family happy... bring them go makan and shopping...

I am constantly counting my lucky stars and smiling to myself when I woke up in the morning, realising that I got married to this wonderful man. I will cherish this treasure of mine! ^^

Oh ya, Paisay leh no photos from the ROM to show yet. Blame it on the husband! HAHA! He is rather slow in doing them up! I will try to see if I can work things out and upload some 1st! ;)

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