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We are going to BKK, what about you you you?
Thursday, September 27, 2007 2:31 PM

Aiyo so excited lah! So excited till my head went numb. HEHE! This is my 1st trip to BKK!

Initially the Husband and I planned to go on 19 Oct to 22 Oct but I totally forgotten that that's when my period will come! UGHHHHH!!! I hate period, period.

But Husband is sweet enough to suggest that we go the week after that so we will be setting off on the 26 Oct to 29 Oct! One more month! Can't wait! ^^

Btw, how much do you all usually spend on shopping if you visit BKK? Please give me some advise so that I will bring the right amount of moolah! :)

I am gonna make full use of my camera there!

My dear husband... you are gonna sponsor my air tickets right? right? right? *puppy eyes* hehehehe!

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