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Scumbags of our society
Saturday, October 06, 2007 8:31 AM

As everyone were aware of the phone fraud trend going around in Singapore, I have no idea why there are still people being duped into it. And those pain in the ass conmen are still lurking around trying their luck on those yet to be cheated.

This blardy early in the morning, my Dad received a phone call on his mobile...

arsehole: Hello hello!

Dad: Hello?

arsehole: Something had happened to your father-in-law! *blah blah...*

Dad: HUH? BUT I HAVE NO FATHER IN LAW! (My grandpa died like many years ago. Even before I was born.)

arsehole: Oh. And Lily also *blah blah*...

Dad: But I don't know any Lily too!

And that stupid idiot quickly hang up the phone.

They are damn blardy stupid leh. Really. 1st, that person disrupted my Dad's sleep. Secondly, that person thinks that by anyhow bombaring any name will cause my Dad to panic. Man, it's oh so wrong. My Dad is too smart to be duped.

That time he also received a call about winning some prizes but they need him to transfer some admin fee to collect the money. So my Dad told them... Just donate them to the charity. I thought that was really smart! HAHAAHAH!

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