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Bkk 26th - 29th Oct 2007
Thursday, November 01, 2007 1:31 PM

Exactly one more year to our Wedding! HEE!

[Day 1]
- Reach Changi Airport T1
- Departure from Singapore
- Arrival at Bkk Airport
- Check in Baiyoke Sky Hotel
- Shutterbus to Siam Paragon
- Had MK at MBK
- Walk around
- Room service for dinner
- Complimentary foot massage from the hotel

[Day 2]
- Rise and Shine
- Shutterbus to Siam Paragon
- Lunch @ Fuji Japanese Restaurant
- Taxi to Chatuchak
- Sweat like a pig in CTC
- Complimentary buffet dinner @ Crystal Grill in the Hotel
- Traditional body massage
- Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Day 3]
- Rise and Shine
- Complimentary buffet breakfast
- Shutterbus to Siam Paragon
- BTS to Erawan Shrine
- Walk to CentralWorld
- Lunch at Sushi Teh
- Shop at Siam Paragon
- MBK for goodies
- Room service for dinner
- Oil Theraphy Body Massage
- ZzZzzzzzzzzzz

[Day 4]
- Rise and Shine
- Complimentary buffet breakfast
- Shutterbus to Siam Paragon
- Lunch @ Fuji Japanese Restaurant
- Back to Hotel for checkout
- Taxi to Airport
- Depart from BKK
- Home Sweet Home

Basically we had a very relaxing time in Bangkok. Baiyoke Sky is a superb hotel and thou I am pretty particular about accomodation, I will definitely stay with them again. Our room is at 72th floor and the view is spectacular. No need to go up to their observation deck to overlook the whole BKK.

Our stay include daily buffet breakfast with a wide spread of variety, a dinner for 2 at their Crystal Grill Restaurant, complimentary 20 minutes foot massage for 2, 2 glasses of cocktail at their deck bar and discount voucher for all hotel guest. The room is sooooooo clean and comfty. Their toilet is sparkling clean. No complains at all. :)

The hotel also provide shutterbus to Siam Paragon every hour so we save alot on Taxi as there is a BTS near the shopping mall.

I can't believe myself for spending only 300SGD. Partially because most of their shopping malls are like Singapore, selling the exact stuff... with a slightly higher price. As for markets, nothing much caught my eyes. I bought 6 tops in total. I controlled as I know I won't be wearing all of them if I bought a whole suitcase of clothings. We spent most on massage. HEE.

But the Husband did more shopping than me. He bought a pair of GStar jeans that cost slightly cheaper than Singapore as they are having a 20% sale. A pair of Oakley Slippers and a pair of shorts from Roxy. It's funny how he is unwilling to spend in Singapore yet buying luxury stuff in BKK. Hee... wrong move la but as long as he is happy! :)

We didn't take much photos because we really want to enjoy some peaceful moment in BKK... we tried lugging our camera to CTC but in the end it pose us so much trouble while squeezing through the crowd. Our cam + the tripod weigh about 6kg and I so blardy regretted bringing them along. -_-

Overall I love this trip because it helps to calm us down from our stressful life and it also brought our relationship to another level. The joy of travelling with your love ones. ^^

I love you, my husband. Thanks for taking time off to travel with me!

And thanks to my parents and sister for fetching us from the airport back home and even bought us dinner! <3

Oh yes, the Husband had a new site, yet again. HEE. >> Do visit!

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