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It's Monday again!
Monday, November 12, 2007 7:04 PM

After being together for so long, this is the 1st time the Husband and I are wearing couple tee. We bought this really comfty curious george tee from BKK. Cheap and cute! And it's the Husband who suggest we should wear it together. :)

The weekend was great. I met up with Huijun on Sat for some catching up and exchange of birthday present. I love mine, girl! I hope yours suits you! ;) <3

The Husband went for his IPPT and got silver! Hard work pays off... with all countless training that I have to tag along. :P I doubt I can pass my nafa test if I were to take one. :/

We caught the uncut version of Se Jie《色。诫》that night and the Husband fell asleep after 10 minutes. Hee... a tad boring lah but quite arty farty. Surprising people are willing to spend another $9 bucks to catch that 3 minutes(?) of sex scene after watching the previous one. -_-

Sunday, we celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday. Due to the fall she suffered last week, we dine at home instead. But food was great nevertheless. Hope Grandma recover soon! Sometime this week she should be removing her stitches. Not sure why it's so soon but perhaps she will feel better after that.

After the celebration, Husband and I went home for a nap. We thought of having Korea Cuisine for dinner but decided to try something different this week. We shall try cooking!

We went to Parkway Parade and bought...

this Kenwood Induction Cooker!

Husband's place doesn't have gas stove anymore so we gotta buy something that runs with electricity. The only set back about this is it takes about 10-15 minutes for water to boil.

We bought instant noodle, enoki mushroom, chili fishball, butter lettuce and roast chicken for making dinner.

Took me about an hour to cook as I have to clean everything up and boil a pot of waste water to ensure the pot is clean. But the dinner taste GREAT! I am sure the Husband think so too. :P

The Husband was very nice to help me wash the dishes... but partially its because he hates ironing of clothes more than washing.. Tsk tsk.

Perhaps we can try steamboat next week! :)

The Husband and I are considering to ballot for the DBSS flat near Boon Keng Mrt. Very near my current place so we may have grant for staying near my parents. The location is superb because its just next to MRT and 5 minutes drive to Town. I love that area. I grew up there and it's really convenient to get to anywhere in Singapore.

But the Husband do prefer to stay in condo... so we may also consider buying over the condo my Parents In Law bought for investment. It's along Butterworth and we always drop by for swimming and chilling out. Living in the East is good as its surrounded by good food... but... the price is definitely higher and its not as convenient as the flat in Boon Keng.

Anyway the balloting will only be held next year... so we will most prolly discuss it with my PIL and seek for advise. But the thought of having a little place of our own excites me. :)

Marriage changed my life and I love my Husband.

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