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Yes! (Updated!)
Friday, December 28, 2007 10:45 AM

I am back! I thought the server migration may take up to 2 days but everything is up in less than 2 hours! To cut the story short, I have switch from poznet to namecheap.

Last weekend, Peili, Ailing mei, baby and I had a short weekend getaway at Bintan from Sat to Sun. We stayed in Bintan Lagoon resort and our ferry "sail" off at 5pm. the journey took about 45min and luckily I didn't puke due to seasick. :P

Time check when we reach the resort: almost 8pm!

We were all famished and decided to try their inhouse buffet dinner! Quite wide spread and cost S$45 buckeroos!

After dinner, we went to explore the resort and pop by their "leisure" corner. They have really old school arcade games. So we played table tennis instead. Hee...

By the time the game ends, we were all drench with our own sweat. Never knew table tennis can be this much fun!

It's again that time of the day, back to our room, shower and zzzzz!

We woke up pretty early (btw, Bintan time is one hr behind Singapore time) and had their complimentary breakfast buffet. After which, we jalan down to the beach which is just a few hundred steps away from our room.

Thou the beach is not extremely clean but its definitely better than ours. :/ Had lotsa crazy moments there and taken lotsa photos. We left our mark written on the sand before leaving the beach.

We popby the pool after that but we have problems removing tar on our feet from the beach. But the guard of the pool is really nice and gave us some coconut oil to rub the black tar off. Very effective! 果然是独门秘方!

After swimming, we went back to our rooms, showered and ready to check out.

We took a shuttle bus to the famous Pasar Oleh Oleh for shopping, eating and massaging.

The lunch and dinner there was EXTREMELY good!

After a heavy lunch, we shop around and found cheap Polo Ralph. It's like everywhere in Bintan. The price is cheap and quality is good. The best thing is, they are not fake.

It didn't take us too long to digest our lunch and proceed for our body massage. All of us had full body and foot massage except for Peili who opt for Manicure instead of food massage. It was good and cheap! I even fell asleep while having body massage. HEE!

The weather was really kind to us and didn't rain until the very moment we leaving Bintan.

I will definately going back! :)

On monday xmas eve, 24th Of Dec, the usual gang met up for Xmas celebration @ Citylink. Actually there is a hidden agenda, which is to celebration Ailing's Birthday too!

We bought our girl a Tiffany and Co necklace with pendant.

The surprise was kinda screw up due to some misunderstanding of handling the cake with the restaurant. But I am glad Mei still enjoy herself!


On Xmas day itself, baby and I didn't fight against the crowd in town. We slept in late instead and proceed for lunch at Tiong Bahru Market. People's Park was our next stop.

And so the deed is done. We are going to KOREA ON 11 FEB 2008! Woot!

I am gonna see snow snow snow! So happy! Initially I hesistated about going but my MIL insist that we should go together as a family and so, I have decided to save up and have a fun trip there. :)

Sometimes I wish I will get to go travel with my own parents too... Never in my life I have travel with them before. My Dad refused to take time away from work to travel. Plus both of their health are not good... :( Sigh.

Anyway that means I will be on long holiday in Feb. From CNY to Korea to Phuket. I am so looking forward to it! :)

Rounding 2007 up:

- Bought my very own DSLR
- Travel to Beijing for the very 1st time and 3rd time to Hongkong within a year.
- Baby proposed to me on my very 1st Helicopter ride.
- 1st time stepping into Hong Kong Penisular Hotel, and evening having dinner there!
- Sold another song.
- We ROM-ed!
- Attended our 1st wedding show.
- Confirm our wedding venue in Oriental Hotel.
- Celebrated National Day in Marina Mandarin Hotel with my Family.
- Celebrated my 23rd with a bunch of bestie!
- Visited Bangkok!
- Visited Bintan!

What else? 2007 was sucha blast! I am sure 2008 will be even better! ^^

2008 Wishlist (Resolution):

- Get that ballot at Cityview @ Boon Keng
- That pair of chocolate tall Ugg boots
- Apple iPhone
- Ricoh GRD II
- Pay rise
- Travel with my own family!
- Perfect wedding. ^^
- Japan for Honeymoon (or Europe if Angbao got extra!)

Will add on to the list if I can think of more! :P

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