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A fulfilling week!
Saturday, January 05, 2008 5:43 PM

Never thought that buying a house of our own is gonna happen anytime soon but today, we popby CityView @ Boon Keng to view the showflat and even registered for the balloting!

I have been staying in that area for 23 years and I always loved it. Now that we have a chance to try our luck to get a house in the same town, no words can describe my excitment! ^^

I know it's abit kiasu la but the husband and I were already queuing outside the showflat at 8.15am when it was supposed to starts at 9am. We were the 1st batch, 1st 20 people to enter the showflat. Breath taking interior!

Even thou it's via balloting but we have already start choosing the unit we are interested in. Haha... The higher the storey, the better view it is if it's facing the Singapore Flyer. But that also means that the price is higher too.

Thou everyone have been saying that S$520/psf is much too expensive for a HDB flat but our parents know that it's gonna be a very good investment given the location and view. So now we gotta bor-bi that we will get good results from the balloting!^^ It's our 1st time balloting for flats!

Guess what, when we were about to leave the showflat, we overhead people saying the queue is growing and the waiting time to view the flat is about 2 hours on average! OMG. Luckily we were early!

Friday, Ailing mei and I caught BeautyWorld @ Esplanade. Love it! We totally enjoyed the show. Great plot, Great Vocal and Great casts. :) *Beauty world, cha cha cha!*

Have been popping in and out of Zara to get winter clothings for my Korea trip. I don't really like the ideal of spending too much even before travelling so it's just nice that Zara is having sale and alot of them are Winter items.

The husband is back in his office for work (on a saturday at this time!) while me sitting on the sofa now acting like a couch potato, feeling alittle stressed up. This morning I found a light bulb *exploded* and all shattered on the floor. Took me a long while to clean up to ensure that no glass pieces were left on the ground.

Baby check and found there is a short circuit at the circuit breaker and when he on the lights on more time, another bulb flew off from the top. OMG! I was just standing under it like 5 seconds ago! ><

Thou we have off the main switch for the lights but I am still afraid of it exploding again. :/

Uber Random Entry. Paisay lah! :P

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