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Thursday, April 24, 2008 8:38 PM

Okie I am back with some pictures finally! Not alot because my slr is at the husband's place. ^^

That day I was craving beer battered fish very badly. The husband brought me to Brewerkz to curb the crave. We ordered 2 serving but they left one out. So to compensate, they gave the Husband an additional piece of fish therefore after the meal, we swear NO BEER BATTERED FISH at least for the next 6 months! Hahaha!

Our 4th paktor years together! How time flies man. This year no pete's place or KTV. We went Dempsey for Long Beach instead. The husband secretly sent me a bunch of lovely sunflowers! Very sweet. :)

I got him a Braun Buffel sling bag in return. A very simple yet memorable day. Thanks for everything baby! Looking forward to the next 4, 14 , 40 and endless years with you. <3!

Celebrated Dylan and Ah Siak's birthday together. We met up in Orchard and took a bus to Dempsey's Wine Company but turn out that they don't serve main course so we took a cab to Evans's instead. The food and wine are really good but their Laksa spaghetti can't be compared to the one from Rose Apple. Hope the boys enjoyed themselves and like the presents we got for them! :)

Finally the renovation of my 娘家 place is over. I have yet to take photos of the end results but here are some from the post and progressing pictures:

The difference were very huge! Previously, our flat really look like 狗窝 and off-beat. Haha... sometimes also paisay if my friends wanna drop by. :P

We are slowly trying to put everything back into order, unpacking boxes by boxes. I have finished mine since previously I have dumped quite abit away plus half of my stuff are at the Husband's place now. Luckily my waredrobe can fit all my blythe and kuma collection! ><

No pictures from our bridal room yet. >< soon! HEE!

The husband and I bought winkies from winkplay for our room and I bought baby winkies for my laptop! This is how it look like after I paste them on! :)

I have been feeling very tired mentally and physically... really need a good rest for me to recover from the gastric pain too. Sigh.

However, I am still looking forward to many upcoming fun meetings and events! :)

- look for a short gowns for myself and husband's nice outfit for our photoshoot with Wansheng the monday after next.

- catching up with Huijun this Sunday afternoon.

- meeting up with Wansheng this Sunday evening to discuss about the photoshoot.

- gown fitting for photoshoot next Wednesday with company of Peili and Kaijing.

- Mani & pedicure with Ailing mei next Thursday.

- Bridal shop photoshoot next Saturday.

- Pre-wed shoot with Wansheng on the next Monday.

Looks like we will have a very packed schedule for the next few week! ^^!

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