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In sickbed
Friday, April 18, 2008 10:51 AM

This is the 2nd MC of the week.

I totally felt like a ballon now. My top part of the tummy is so bloated and HURT LIKE MAD that I can hardly sit or stand still. Man, I sounded like a pregnant woman (not!).

Not sure if its my gastric acting up again or its because of my period, I had bad gastric attack for 5 days straight right after every single meals. I have been procratinating about seeing a doctor but perhaps I should really be seeing one later since the Husband is coming back to fetch me during lunch time. Pain sucks.

So in the end we bought a Xbox360 instead of PS3 together with a Samsung 32" lcd tv. LCD tv are so cheap these days that you can use your normal crt TV as fish tank already.

The Husband got addicted to Army of 2 and I am his partner in crime... (more like pulling him to die with me instead. The game piss me off.) This is crazy but I kanna motion sickness because of the game. The "camera" can't stop moving! And the controller keeps rumbling at every shot I fire. And so I have bought a cuter game, Every Party to keep it cool. Have yet to start with it... until The Husband complete his AOT.

The room is 90% done. Only left with a mad aircon which couldn't stop leaking like a running tap. Coolserve can't make it this week to service it so gotta wait till next week. And the in-laws are coming back tomorrow I hope they don't mind leaking air-con. ><

Yesterday I went back to my own place to look at the renovation. My mum said that everything will be completed by tonight. Looking pretty good in shape, minus all the messy left over material and paints. Tomorrow I will be going back to do a major cleaning with them. And perhaps unload some of my stuff there... Life will never be the same again in the house. I am a married child now.

Blog without pictures very boring hor? Ok la I will try to put up pictures soon! (Ok promise promise!)

Just for info, tonight (I THINK!) the Husband and I will be appearing on TV Channel 8's Frontline (前线追踪) at 10.30pm... I bet I am gonna look like shit and sweating like mad (ganjiong and very strong camera light that heat up the entire house), kept talking out of direction . Don't laugh if you got watch, and if you got watch, take what we said as a pinch of salt. GamXia ah!

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