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That day...
Friday, May 16, 2008 5:48 PM

I finally broke down and cry.

It never hits me that I am leaving the week after next. Initially our plan was to leave on the 31st but was brought forward to 28th.

I will miss my parents and sister terribly. A part of me wish time will fly past but another part of me hope that the Husband and I will explore a whole new environment at a good pace. But I know i will make good use of every opportunity to come back and visit them. And at the same time I hope my parents and sister will drop by and visit me too! I also hope Ah Mah4 can pop over! Hee.

On Mother's Day, the Husband and I decided to buy a webcam and headphone for my mum. I hope she will make full use of it and chat with me everyday. Dad suggest that we should get a few more for him and put one in office so during office hour my mum can talk to me too. Hee. If my pocket allows, I hope to buy a laptop for my mum.

Yesterday I had my 1st farewell dinner with Sandy and Ranna. Thanks babes for the kuma stuff! HEE! I love them!

Tomorrow there will be a party at our place with my school mates. Next week with Lj-peeps and Mel + Ting. Thou I always love meet ups but farewell doesn't sound as lovely. Haha. Anyway I hope we will have a great time gathering!

We have yet to pack! I don't know what to bring actually... Will try to do a bring-list to remind myself!

Period cramp is such a bitch. I am off to rest now. Enjoy the long weekend peeps! :)


You know what is 患难见真情?

It's when you are in a blardy deep shit, people are still willing to help you despite it's none of their business. Remember to treat everyone fairly because at the end of the day, perhaps the one you look down on, is the one who donate you an organ, save you from a fall or lend you a HUGEASS sum of money when you're in need. You'll never know when bad karma will fall upon you.

Last but not least, don't ever be ungrateful. Always remember to REPAY.


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