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Tuesday, May 06, 2008 11:43 PM

Ok, so I survived 2 pre-wed shoot, a week of strict diet, 2 hairpulling makeover, 7 different locations, hundreds of poses, many kisses and 1 broken heels.

I never knew photoshoot can be so tiring. But I enjoyed it. Especially the ones with Wansheng and makeup from Sharon.

I have seen some of the photos and I really love them. The feel is there... the make up was fabulous... I used to think that bridal shoots are boring. But no, not at all!

Every pictures are like a surprise from Wansheng. So whenever I see our own picture on his new blog entry, my heart will skip a beat. Love that feeling! Hahaha...

If you're wondering why I never post any pictures... it's because... I am dead tired now. :/ I am sure even if I don't post, people will still manage to find them la. Hahah... Ok I will post them up the next time I update again. which I guess will be very soon... together with some photos of the room... and daily whatnots. :P

Last but not least, we have a big bombshell to drop on the next entry too. So, seeya next time!

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