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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:48 AM

I seems to be falling in love with where I stay in now...

Hong Kong finally have some Sunny Day!

Haven't been exactly constructive ever since my laptop crash but before that I was trying to do a new layout and our wedding montage. Luckily I back up most of the files before my laptop dies on me. *phew*

Last week, we had our very 1st visitors at our place. My auntie and uncle came to HK after having a short stay in Macau. It's nice to have some relatives dropping by and spend quality time together, something which we hardly do in Singapore.

I pop by their hotel 2 days after their visit and brought them to Mongkok for a walk and meals. I am glad I know Hong Kong well enough now to bring people around. Haha...

We have been here for about 2 months and after being sorta alone for so long, I will have lotsa visitors in August. 1st will be my In laws, then my Sister & Peili! Very weird hor, normally no one comes la. Then now one after another. Not like I am complaining but I hope there will be a balance distribution of company. Heee...

Ok la. Maybe I will count on the rest. My parents? Ailing? Huijun? LJ gangs? Yong Hao kor? When are you all coming man?

The husband and I have started our fitness regiment by visiting the gym as often as we can. I have "painfully" invested in a pair of track shoes and some attire. Girls are like that ma... go gym must also wear until wu seh. HAHAA.

Oh did I mention we got a big brother for Kuma? Wanted to get a bigger one but it cost twice as much as the one I got in the end. Siao. Just because one is from China and one is from Japan. Myabe I will get it when I am feeling rich. :P

Kuma doesn't seems to like his big brother very much.

The husband called the big one "bear bear". Not sure why but he seems to love it very much. Very good. Now kuma is all mine. Heh heh heh.

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