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Birthday 2008
Friday, August 22, 2008 11:33 PM

Woah. Typhoon warning. 9 right now. Can't believe our luck. 3 months here and 3 Typhoon already. No wonder the Husband's colleagues gave him a new nickname call "Son Of Typhoon". Haha...

Anyway, it may not be a bad thing afterall... The Husband didn't have to go to work today and since my in laws are in HK, we pop by their hotel and spent a few hours there chatting and discuss about the wedding. Love the Shangri-La suite! So "leng"!

Had lunch at Pacific Place and went back the hotel to slack until dinner and we decided to take a train to Tsing Yi for dinner. I had my favourite roasted goose!

My in laws damn cute la. They wanna experience the power of the typhoon and decided to walk outdoor. The wind condition is really bad lor in my opnion. I can't understand why anyone still wanna go for sea sports. It's crazy. Especially those who decided to bring their kids along. Too selfish. There was a guy who got eaten up by the wave and couldn't be found now. Hope this serve a good lesson to the rest!

Alot of shops are closed today. So are the cake shops... so no birthday cake for me this year... but it's okie! I can always have it next year... and the year after next... and the next next........


On Wednesday, the Husband called me after work and told me that he will be back home late and he feel sorry about it... especially not able to buy me a present in time... I never expect him to get me more gifts since he already got my a LC-A+ which cost a bomb...

Anyway he called me awhile later telling me that he is at the mall near our apartment and wants to meet me for dinner....

I went down, saw him... with a Longchamp paper bag!!! The sneaky boy left office earlier to get the bag for me!

Green in color! Never know it can look as pretty as the red one!

Deeper inside the paperbag...

My Melody limited Edition mini MTR Octopus card!! I told the Hubby that I love one of the design and he bought 2 of them! I secretly think that he can't remember which one I am aiming at. Heee... but I love both! SO CUTE LA!

Thank you my dear! You really know how to make me feel on top of the world! Now I know how it feels like to be presented with a branded bag. HAHA... okie la not branded as LV la but I love it okie?!

My Sister got me something special!

Special as in special edition bag! Crumpler's "The Rufous Whistler" (5 million dollar camera bag). It's designed by Joel Adams and world LE of 1460 pieces. Love the quirky color combination and details! Thanks jie! I love it TO BITS!

And this came in the morning from the Husband...

LC-A+ wide angle lens from the buddies! Ailing mei, Peili, Kaijing, Dylan, Zhongxi, Guangming & Huihuang!

They very sneaky ah... pak-kart with my husband and got him to buy the present... write the card and pass it to me! HEE! Very pleasant surprise because I told no one that I want that lens! Only the Hubsband lor. My best bestest buddies! Friends who complete my life... :) Thank you so much again for the present!

Actually yesterday night I felt very sad because I am so far away from my home... far away from where I celebrated 23 of birthdays... far away from friends and family who celebrate for me every year... blow candles and cut cakes together... But all the little gestures from every single one of them kept me going... warm my heart... thou they are not physcially here with me, their thoughts are.

In life, you don't have to have many friends and family members... all you need is just Parents (my Dad and Mum), Silings (for me, 1 wonderful Sister), 1 person who truly love you (my husband) and a handful of friends who uses their heart to befriend you. I am very fortunate because I am loved. Very blessed indeed. :)

Thank you all for the smses, email, tagboards, facebook, friendster, comments in blog wishes! Appreciate all the kind tots!

Last but not least, a very big thank you to my parents for giving me a wonderful life! Cut cake together again next year! :P

Here, your very grumpy yet happy birthday girl...

Tata!!!! <3 Time to hibernate again while the typhoon blow my birthday to the year 2009. :)

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