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What's the best gift that your parents gave you?
Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:38 PM

Bringing you to this world? Giving your a warm shelter over the head? Giving you a good eduation? Buying what you like?

For me, the best gift my parents gave me is a sibling... an elder sister I looked up to, someone who protect and took care of me, gave me the best thing in life. (*teary eyes*)

No matter how bad my day was, it's always nice to have someone at home to rant at (including relationship woes). My sister is not only a sibling to me. She is also like my best friend, my soul mate, my office-and-shopping partner in crime and my care-taker. She hate what I hate and we have similar taste too. Thou at times we quarrel too... so much so that we feel like pulling each others' hair. But we always end up speaking to each other the next day.

My sister is a very generous person. She won't hesistate to treat me good food, buy me expensive gifts that I like and also pay for my expenses during travelling. That's the reason why I don't feel the pinch when it comes to buying gifts for her too. What I can afford to buy for her can never be enough to repay all the kindness she showered me. So I know I have to be protective towards her too. That's because due to her kind heart, she always got bullied. People who took advantage of her are simply just people from hell. They are people who can't cherish what's good in their life.

I love my Sister. She is the best thing in my life, beside my parents, my husband and my best friends. Thou at times irritating people tries to bring me down, they will fail to do so because I am always happier than them. Happiness kills enemies.

I miss those day when I am back in Singapore, still working for my Dad. Our desk are just behind each other so we always gossip during work. I never fail to irritate her and get help from her. Life can be rather lonely in Hong Kong now. But she is always online to keep me company.

I miss the girly talks when we still share the same room under one roof. I miss falling sleep halfway talking to her. Wish I can go back to Singapore now. Sigh.

ANYWAY... my sister is here with her friend staying in a hotel in Jordan. (not convenient since our guest room is too small for them to share the bed)... and I tried to keep them company as much as possible.

They pop by my place yesterday and had dimsum at Maritime Square. Very nice leh. Even thou I have stayed here for like 3 months liao but I have yet to try the dimsum. (I queued for a bloody 1 hr+ lor)

After lunch, we shopped around the mall before proceeding to Lantau Island.

She gave me a surprise this morning when I went to their hotel to meet them...

LeSportSac and Bfree collaboration bag. So cute can?! I have actually seen this bag a couple of times when I went shopping so I brought my Sister to take a peek (I love she loves this kind of designer series bag) and she bought a smaller version for herself. I love it but hesistate about getting because I broke my budget this month. But she actually bought it for me after I went back from meeting them. How can I not love her?! She know me so well leh. HEHEEHEH! Thanks jie! I love the bag SO MUCH!

Kuma-lover, don't be jealous! :P See what I have got here!!

BEDSHEET!! SO CUTE! I have actually got one set already when I 1st came to HK but I saw this design yesterday when I bring my Sister to buy for her own bed. Can't resist and bought too!

SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE LA!! I was at Golden Plaza today to look for wedding stuff and I saw this shop selling couple softoy wearing wedding outfit! Can't decide which one to get so my Sister bought me one and I got myself one too. L O V E I T!!!!

My sister is leaving HK tomorrow... I feel bad that I couldn't join her any further today because I was under the weather. Fever and sorethroat. HK is SORCHING, INSANELY HOT beyond words. Hope she will be back to HK soon so that I can play a better host and bring her to more places! Seeya in Sept!

I better go sleep. Gotta wake up early tomorrow and fetch Peili from the airport. Hee. Good night!

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