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23 days...
Thursday, October 09, 2008 9:08 AM

to our wedding. Quite insane right? Less than a month lor!

Anyway the wedding site is finally up and running after much procrastination. Sometimes I really felt so lazy that I can feel juices oozing out from my skin. Grr.

Last Tuesday was Chung Yeung Festival, which is HK's public holiday. But sometimes I really hate PH because the crowd here can get totally out of control. Then again, a full day with the husband can never get better.

We had a tourist day on Tuesday. Went shopping at IFC mall (husband bought magazines only), took a ferry (1.70HKD ONLY!) from Central to TST and continue to shop. SOGO having 1 day sales and Longchamp long handle le pliage going for 50% off (109SGD!). Bought a red one. How to resist such sales man. Should have bought one more for Sister. But I think I can pass mine to her la. I don't have so many hands to use so many bags also. Haha.

Wanted to get a new wallet because mine finally gave way. But I am very particular about the design so it always take a long time for me to decide. I love the lv damier koala wallet thou but I doubt I will ever bear to part that huge some of money just for a wallet. Aiyo I can buy a new gadget with that sum of money! Maybe can try the Katespade outlet at Tung Chung this weekend. I am sure I can find very good deals!

After walking round and round in TST, we finally found Tin Cheung, the famous camera shop in HK, and pop in to look for 5Dmki. The price is pretty good but it's a grey set... Hope I have that kind of money to get one for Husband's birthday. The poor boy have been so in love with 5D for a long time. Hope his dream will come true soon!

Oh, Tin Cheung have an amazing collection of 2nd hand cameras lor. They even have Contax 640 but selling at the rocket high price of 3k SGD! I think can get one at a lower price from ebay. Plus the outlook condition is quite unbearable. So no point.

Did I mention before I love the Giordano in HK? Their collect looks really classy and nice! Unlike Singapore ones which look really casual. I think I have spent most in Giordano here. Haha... but imagine I can get 6 pieces of outfit with just SGD100 lor. So wu hua!

Last weekend we add another 6 guppies and 1 dwarf sucker catfish to our mini aquarium. Now we have yellow, red and blue guppies. But one blue died few days back and our one and only catfish passed away yesterday. Sigh.

I think it's because my tank is too clean and no algae for it to feed on... should have bought spinach earlier on to feed it. :( It has been a really good tank mate...

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