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With love, from Husband!
Friday, November 21, 2008 1:34 PM

After a week of wait, the surprise is here!

My very own iPhone! Our couple phone! My wedding gift! *cry* My Dopod D810 have been with me for 2 years already! My longest life phone ever. But it's dying on me slowly. Keep hanging and battery drain off within a day. Didn't managed to recontract with Singtel to get the iPhone previously because I used my plan to get it for the husband instead. See I so nice. :P

Actually the courier came a week ago but the phone suffered from quite abit of scratch so apple sent another courier over to pick up the item and took them almost a week to send me a new one. Nevertheless no complain because I don't even have to step out of my house to get it exchanged.

I have been thinking about getting Nokia E71 but hesistated because of the size of the keyboard. I got fat fingers which can easily press 2 buttons instead of 1! ><

The husband keep stopping me from getting E71 and ordered the iPhone online for me instead! Woo!

Note: Hk is the only country (from what I heard?) that sells iPhone 3g on their online store without having to attach to any mobile plan. One of the very few reason why I like HK now. Hee.

Totally love my phone! With that irresistible pink case... I am waiting for the moshi ipouch to reach my mail box! I am quite anal about minor scratches so I need case + pouch to feel safe. :/ Installed quite a number of games and transferred musics from the shuffle into the iPhone. Also loaded 3 kuma videos!

Weather in HK gets colder this week. But I forsee the temperature will go up next week. Quite crazy because it's supposed to be winter this period but we can never trust the forecast again. The world have obviously changed... especially the climate.

The husband's company organise a trip tomorrow to Shenzhen for golf and meals and wives are invited too. Finally a short outside HK after 6 months. Yay! Can wear the couple jacket the husband bought for us yesterday!

Oh happy day!

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