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UNbelievable-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-ble-!!! AHH!!
Thursday, March 12, 2009 5:59 PM

Just when I thought my shingles and allergy are recovering already...


On the same foot, same toes somemore! A I Y O!!!!

I felt my toes were hard and painful yesterday but I ignore it because I thought it's due to bad blood circulation as the weather was chilly. BUT it got worse today and my toes starts to swell omg. I can't believe my luck!!

It's either a punishment for saying a few entries back that I won't want to step into hk clinic, or the bacteria from my previous infection still stuck somewhere in the tissue. It's really getting me on my nerves leh.

Ever since I got cellulitis in Jan, my mood wasn't that fantastic already. Then came shingles and allergy, I have zero mood for anything. From chatting online (sorry friends who have been trying to chat with me), to playing wii to even stepping out of the house, I have mood for absolutely NOTHING. All these illness are slowly killing me man. Grr!!

Staying at home also can have so much problem. I can't wait to move back to Singapore already. I HATE IT HERE. I seriously do NOW NOW NOW!!!

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