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Very much alive.
Wednesday, March 04, 2009 4:00 PM

Oh don't you love iphone's camerabag?!

So the pain didn't kill me afterall. It almost did but it didn't...

I went to the doctor for the 4th time on Monday but a skin specialist this time. I was told that my back rash was a nasty allergy from salonpas (w h u a t?!!?!?!?!) while the rest on my right boobie (harharhar ya on my blardy boob!) is shingles. Wah, after wasting almost 1.5k hkd and now I was told a different story. SO all along I have been applying the wrong kind of medicated cream on my allergy rash! Ugh.

But I suspect my back rash is a mixture of allergy and shingles. But who knows, you tell me? I just hope the rash stop spreading and stop giving me the burning sensation. Will be finishing my last pill tonight and see how it goes. Sigh. How can someone be so suay you tell me?! I secretly suspect HK's air hates me.

To summerise the whole shingles and allergy saga, it 1st started with a extreme backache and chestpain.

Doctor A: Gastric... too much gas. *prescribe gastric pills*

Didn't work. So I bought salonpas instead, thinking it's muscle ach. After removing it, found 2 big "pimples" on my back. A day later, the pimples turn into big patches of rash. My boobie also have! O m g. What could be worse. My chest hurt so much that I wanna die.

Back to Doctor A again: Oh it's shingles. *prescribe anti viral meds*

Next day, the pain and the rash didn't subside. We got a little impatient so decided to see another doctor from the same clinic. (I don't know why they like to call themselves Kenneth so much!! 2 doctors of the same name. What's the odds?!)

Doctor B: Shingles... the medications are only useful if it's taken 48 hours after symptoms appears. *prescribe shingles cream to apply*

And he mention it's better if I see a skin specialist the next day so he did a referral thing and make an appointment for me.

Doctor C: It looks like allergy on the back and shingles on the front. The pills shouldn't have much effect but just finish them. And keep applying the shingles cream. Nothing much you can do now but since you're not working, sleep more and drink more water to build up the immune system. *prescribe allergy cream and some soap for shower*

One of the night I woke up at 3am trying to take my meds and apply the cream, I suddenly felt my world is spinning and almost black out in the toilet. Luckily the husband found me squatting down looking really pale and quickly carry me back to the bed and apply medication oil on my forehead. Must be the mixture of painkiller and sleeping pill.

I was telling the husband that I have the most boobies picture drawn in my medical card than anyone else. It's rather amusing. 1 doctor even use color pencil to color the drawing. harharhar. Never in my life I have flashed my boobs so many times to strangers! -_- Seeing a pair of boobs is bonus. But seeing a pair of boobs covering with blistered IS NOT. I wonder how the doctors handle their emotions.

Ugh. I think I have wasted too much time on misdiagnose (almost...) but I am still glad I am feeling better today. At least I have the energy to play Animal Crossing again. Thanks to Ranna. Haha. I had a good time plucking off weeds. The horror!

She gave me the bear hat! Too cute! And I caught new fishes today.

Thanks for all the well wishes and concern. Especially my hubby, parents+sister, in laws, Ailing mei and friends who have been calling, smsing, msning me everyday to check on me. Can't find someone better than my hubby who is willing to take leave and bring me to the doctor, waking up in the middle of the night and make sure I take my medicine. <3

Can't wait to step out of the house soon and go shopping this weekend!

What makes you happy?

Chickpeas does.

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