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Down down down
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:51 AM

It 1st started with a haircut, and end up with 2 sick cats at home now.

Saturday the husband had a haircut appointment @ Hairdo. His haircut always take about 2 hours to finish (talk about efficiency...) so I decided to join him for a haircut too. I really asked for it leh... backside itchy.

1st, the haircut was kinda horrible... I can't blame the hairstylist. It's me who can't style my hair for nuts (too much layering!). My fringe is SUPER (WITH A CAPTIAL SSSSSSSSSSSS!) untame and I look like shit no matter how I tried to make it right (I always does anyway...) I can't wait to do some treatment or rebond or whatevershit to save my hair now... but before that, I hope we recover from our food poisoning / stomach flu soon.

After the haircut, I felt like I am gonna collapse after I left the salon. I am not sure why actually but I suspect it's the hairwash massage I received earlier on that make me feel very uncomfortable. I never had a hairwash that last longer than a haircut. The guy attending to me is either 1) too professional , 2) totally hates me, 3) want to leave a deep impression on me, by exerting so much force in the "massage". I could almost felt dents on my head and shoulder. harharhar.

After the haircut, I told the husband I have to find somewhere and rest. The crowd in Time Square isn't helping and I don't want to faint in the crowd and get stomp all over. We settled in Starbucks and wait for dinner time with CY (husband's ex coll) and her bf...

We had dinner at this really decent Chow Zhou restaurant which is tuck in some quiet corner in CWB. Older than me but food is pretty good. Love the oyster omelette and "old-fire" soup...

Went home after dinner and I felt like I just got hit by a truck. The fever got worse the next day and hit 40 deg c. Luckily I have some spare med at home so I pop some paracetamol and pills to get rid of gastric gas. (too bloated!) I really hate vomiting so I tried to stop myself for doing so. Luckily I got past that phase and my fever subside on Monday. But in the end it's the husband's turn.

He vomitted in the morning and diaheroa in the afternoon. I cook some boey/moey/teowchew porridge/water rice (aiya whatever you call it...) with some pork ribs, wolfberries and dried scallop in it... I cook it again at night as well as this morning as he got no appetite for the dinner we bought...

Poor baby is on MC today (yesterday was HK's public holiday) and he is sleeping soundly beside me... it pains me to see him like that but at the same time I am also extremely tired... I gotta cook, clean up (I just dug up the stuck basin with the "Stuff" he barf out yesterday, gahhhhhh!), change bedsheet... I think I am getting sick again...

Not that I am complaining... it's my duty as a wife (you really think wife so easy to be?!!?!?) and I really care for my husband but it's totally unfair for me when the whole world conveniently forgotten that I am sick too. Maybe it's my fault to have spread my virus to him. Sigh.

Ok la... here are some photos from 2 weeks ago... color up this life-less post.

Caught Fast & Furious 4 on the 4th. Love the movie and love Paul Walker.

Smiley World celebrating their anniversary... we went there a couple of times because it's just next to our apartment. Can't resist taking pictures everytime.

Bought this sneakers 2 weeks ago in Mongkok. Remember seeing this pair with Ailing mei but was comtemplating if I should get the patent red pair. Got the silver in the end as it's pretty safe in matching other colors.

I need rest. NOW.

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