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17 days.
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 12:58 PM

Another 17 days will mark our 1st year in Hong Kong. It's pretty scary how time actually flies when you stop counting them.

Almost a year ago I was fighting the silverfish battle, whining almost every other day, trying to force my way back to Singapore.

And today, I am sitting comfortably here typing this entry. I am glad the husband and I got thru the worst and trying to make the best out of our lives here in HK. Nevertheless, I still hope we will move back to Singapore as soon as possible... thou the "1 year later" promise seems to be fading away... we will try!

Summer is here and I wonder how I can get past my least favourite season of the year. I constantly feel that I am like a bun in the oven, baking 24/7 in the house. So today, to make sure the sun is of good use, I wash all our 5 pair of jeans and now they are having the best sun tanning session of their lives.

Recently I have been pretty obsessed with buying travel size items. I got the travel size iron, hair dryer, and some personal products!

Since we will try to make as many trips as possible back to Singapore, I got pretty tired to either bring the full size one back or buy small bottle to transfer them out. Products that comes in travel size are the best. Save me all the trouble, they cost really reasonable and they look extremely cute.

I love all the SKII ones. But my favourite is definitely the Gatsby hair clay. Love that pink! :P

Talking about SKII, I am so loving their products SO MUCH. All thanks to Ailing mei who drag me to their counter during her last trip here in HK, I don't think I will ever convince myself trying them out. 1st, they are expensive. 2nd, their advertisment look as exaggerating as they can be. 3rd, I am LAZY!

But now, I totally understand why the essence treatment water is call the Miracle Water. They are indeed miracle. Haha... I don't think I will ever stop using them.

I have been shopping quite abit online lately. Jialat la. Never step outta house also spend money.

Here's my long await name necklace and anklet! Arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Have been contemplating about getting 1 since sometime ago but just couldn't find something that catches my eyes. I love the flower crystal thingy on the necklace. Furthermore they offer free shipping so why not! 3qberymuch baby! <3

I can't stop shopping at Strapya. Somebody please ban me from their site! They got all the cutest thing in the world!

I am a huge fan of Tokidoki! And their collaboration with Hello Kitty is a killer!

I want/need one to hang on my pretty miu miu!! But I can't decide which to get! 1 which hang cross the bag or 1 that hang dangling down (as shown in the above pics)? I should be getting the design on the extreme right thou (the one with many pink pom pom). So, which style should I get? Across or dangling down? Please vote my dears! <3

Ok, period cramps are killing me. Lunch time!

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