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*ding dong*
Monday, May 25, 2009 1:22 PM

On a rainy day...

The postman came.

I always love seeing the postman because it means that my parcel is here. HEE!

Wooo... ems from Japan!

What's that?! (did I mention that I love bubble wraps? :))

My tokidoki X Hello Kitty bagcharm + kuma phone strap!

Tooooooo pretty!! Beyond words. *speechless*

It's all about pink, gold, black, white and PINK! <3

purrrrrrrfect I say!!! (but the clip couldn't fit into the hardware of my bag. I need to change the clip to a bigger trigger snap clasp. any idea where I can get it?)

I love it so much! sososososo much!

My 2nd cellphone strap from Rilakkuma. I love the charms! Heard that the Rilakkuma Store in Japan have more styles. I am so gonna get all of them!

How can you not love Strapya? They are the sweetest shop around and they ship super fast! :) I placed my order last Thursday and I got it this morning. EMS actually work on weekends!.

3qberymuch again baby! Thanks for always trying to give me all the best things in the world. ^^

Unexpectedly, the postman chase away all the monday blues. And hopefully the rain too. :)

Countdown: 20 days to Japan! woohoo!

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