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Backdate events + Our Tokyo Honeymoon!
Monday, June 22, 2009 6:56 PM

Sometimes I wonder how cabin crew feels about spending so much time in the air, flying. After every flight, I bound to feel like I am falling sick and too tired to get my ass moved after I got back home.

Nevertheless after we touched down on the Saturday night, we quickly unpack all the stuff and throw all smelly laundry into the basket to get them washed the next day.

Before I start showering my blog with plenty of peektures...

Wishes my wonderful Dad, my Father-in-law and all the fathers out there, A Happy Belated Fathers' day! :)

Woke up extremely early in the morning so I can make it in time to get out of the hosue with the hubby as I need to go to the immigration to collect our visa extention. Yes, we are here for a year already! Damn fast okie?!

I swear the weather was killing me. Thank god I made an appointment to collect my visa if not I will have to queue to wait for my turn! Thou it still took me about an hour to get hold of the visa, at least I am queuing in the aircon area. :P

After leaving the immigration, which is located at Yau Ma Tei, I had a hard time trying to get outta the place. YMT is known to be "messy" so I am a little worried about getting lost. I got there by a cab from Mongkok but I need to go to IFC Mall for the Miu Miu sale and non of the cabs are willing to get over to HK Island. After a while, a kind cab driver offer to send me to Central Station. And he doesn't want to accept my money! Wah... I tell you, ever since I moved to HK, I hardly get to meet with nice people so it's definitely a pleasant encounter.

And you think I will 占 the cab driver's 便宜? Please lor, before I leave the cab, I quickly place my fare onto the seat and left.

My main aim at the Miu Miu sale is of course to buy things! :P Here are what I lug back home after a battle with the hot weather:

Miu Miu is having 40% off and they actually have coffer on sale! Goodness...

And you think that all are mine? I wish lor! Haha... I got the bags on behalf for my girlfriends... and I only bought the bagcharm la... Thou I very much wanted to get this pretty wallet which was on sale too but decided to forgo it and spend on my japan trip instead.

Woke up early once again (or should I say I never sleep at all?!) because I am super paranoid about missing my flight. -_-

Touch down in Singapore at about 11am or so (can't remember already) and rush back home to place our baggage. Rest for a while before Sister came to fetch us to AMK. The Hubby got his new toy finally and we had lunch together with Wansheng who came along to give advise on the new toy.

Dinner time was spent with my parents and we had a sumptuous dinner @ Dempsey's Jumbo. But my stupid gastric is acting up and I can hardly enjoy the dinner. :( Hate it!

I miss my family. It's amazing how they kept me going even if we are so far apart.

After dinner with my parents, the hubby rush back home to have his gathering with his friends while I rush over to KJ's place for our gathering + Hui Huang's birthday celebration. No collage yet because I look super unglam in them! :P But those in my Facebook should be able to view them by now. HEE!

Thank you buddies for remembering my love for the sotong cheeseball. Looking forward to the next one and more cheeseball to come! <3 <3

Again another sleepless night where the hubby and I gotta wake up early to help out at Gayyong & Junie's wedding. I swear all the sleepless night is breaking me apart! It's all showing on my face la! ><

But nevertheless I enjoyed being part of their wedding because the groom is super "on" while the bride is really natural and being very much like herself, which I think it's very nice!

After the morning session, the hubby and I rush back home to catch some sleep so that we will have energy for the wedding dinner which is happening later that evening. We woke up and went to Parkway Parade for a little shopping and got my new toy! We are both shiny happy people who are happy with their purchase. :P

The Wedding dinner was held at Grand Copthorne and I love the ballroom to bits! If I have seen their ballroom before I decide on Oriental, I might had a hard time deciding between the both of them. Plus the food was really good too! Love the surprises that the couple gave each other and to their parents. And totally love the bride's evening cheongsam!

Woke up early AGAIN and got my new toy changed (found some defects on it. :() and we had the delicious hokkien mee at Suntec City! WOoooooo!

Drop by my Dad's office to see my parents and my dearest Sister send us to the airport. Touch down in Hong Kong @ about 9plus pm... Dead tired...

[09.06.09 - 12.06.09]
The in laws are in HK so I spent sometime with them and met up with the Hubby for dinner together. As usual shopping with the MIL and enjoying the luxury of their hotel suite... amazing.

[14.06.09 - 14.06.09]

Our Honeymoon......

I am still trying to recall all the places we went! Haha... please give me somemore time and check out the next entry! <3

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