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Our Tokyo Honeymoon! (for real and super image intensive! ><)
Monday, June 22, 2009 7:50 PM

[day 0 // 13.06.09]
Our flight was @ 1.20am so we took the airport express @ 10.30pm and took light snack before we board the plane. Supper was provided. And I didn't manage to get a good rest.

[day 1 // 14.06.09]
Touch down @ Haneda Airport at about 6.30am local time. We took the Tokyo Monorail from the Airport to Hamamatsucho Station & change to Shinjuku Station where our hotel, Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku is located. Too early to check in so we left our baggage at the reception and had breakfast at Macdonalds before heading to Ikebukuro.

We visited Tokyu Hands, Bic Camera Store, Sunshine City, Sega Arcade and some other malls which I can't recall. ><

Had lunch at this really cosy ramen shop where you buy the tickets from the vending machine and proceed to our indivudual seats which are divided up to maintain privacy. No wonder it's known as the lonely ramen stall. Haha...

After lunch we walk around somemore before heading to Roppongi Hills to see the night scene of the Tokyo Towers from the Mori Art Museum. Was very disappointed because it was a very misty night (oh yes, it's was actually cold in Tokyo at this time during summer! weird.) and we paid to see nothing that very night. :(

Dinner was @ R Burger which was highly recommended in the travel handbook we bought. Burger was pretty okie but I really hate this particular veggie they place into the burger. It taste so fragrance that I find it hardly edible.

That pretty much sum up our 1st day in Tokyo...

(1) The lonely ramen. Love the egg! / (2) The Mori Art Museum with perfect view of the Tokyo City. / (3) R Burger!

[day 2 // 15.06.09]
Was supposed to wake up really early that day but we were both too tired so decided to give the Tsukiji Fish Market a miss and slot it into some other days in our itinerary.

Had Macdonalds for breakfast again and we head to Asakusa Station to visit the Sensoji Temple.

I love the food and shopping area outside the temple. They have all different kinds of local tibits and cute souvenirs on sale. Needless to say my eyes are all set on the Rilakkuma ones. HEE!

It's really an eye opening experience to visit their temple as they have an entire different feel from the temple in Sg and Hk. The temple in Japan is really quiet and quite smoke-free... Plus they have this fountain in all temple for us to wash hand or rinse the mouth (but cannot drink okie?!). The joss stick they use it very unique and also the stove to lit up the joss stick. Amazing...

After leaving the Temple, we make our way to Akihabara. Akihabara is quite famous for their electronic stores... but we didn't really get anything from there. Instead, we got alot more from the Sega Club.

We tried our hands on smaller machine like "kiap-ing" small keychains because we thought those bigger machine are out there to con people money. :P (the kiap thingy is always so loose one la!) But when the Hubby tried to kiap this Rilakkuma toy, he almost succeed on his 1st try! Basically it cost 300 yen for 4 tries (100 yen for 1 try) and the Hubby is damn good to win it on the 4th try! :P

I wanted the Korilakkuma one to pair up with Rilakkuma and the hubby got it after 2 tries! Hee! So smart!

We were about to leave when I saw this poster pasted on a wall next to the shop which shows Rilakkuma and all text in Japanese. I figured out they state date and time and I was hoping that Rilakkuma will visit the shop that day! And so I walk back into the shop and tried asking the assistant by all the means I can (pointing to the kuma plush, pointing to my watch, pointing to the poster. Alamak they really cannot understand english ma!) And finally we were told Kuma will be coming to the shop at 3pm! The time was about 1plus when we were there so we decided to walk around and look for a place for lunch 1st.

Wanted to try the Maid's Cafe but realise they don't allow photography so the Hubby think it's rather silly so we had Yoshinoya instead. I swear their Yoshinoya taste so so much better than the Sg and Hk one! Love it!

We tried killing time by eating slowly and after lunch we just walk around randomly until 2.45pm. I was waiting early across the street staring at the Sega Club hoping to see Rilakkuma appear. When it's 3pm and Rilakkuma is not here yet, we went over and I asked the assistant again and he told me "Coming Soon". Haha...

Out of no where, we saw a short young man ran into the Sega Club and disappear into the shop and in less than 5 minutes, Rilakkuma is life size is walking out right infront of me! (so we figure that the young man is actually the one inside the mascot and he was late! :P)

I was SOOOOOO excited I swear I was about to faint. I so wanna kidnap the mascot home! I quickly asked to have my photos taken with it and I couldn't stop touching the head. Aiyo so cute!!!! It's definitely a dream come true for me and the best highlight of the trip!!

After all the Rilakkuma hype, we need a place to rest our feet badly so we decided to try out this bar located along the busy streets. Very nice deco and cozy lightings. But because they allow customer to smoke in the bar (actually most cafe and restaurant allow smoking...) I was kinda turn off..

We left Akihabara for Tokyo Station, where the Rilakkuma store is! Super excited!! It's really a heaven for Rilakkuma lover as they sell things that you cannot buy from outside. I love the tees but my size is sold out!! :(

I didn't buy alot on the 1st trip there but spent a long time inside just to stare at all their items. I wish I can work in or even better, own a store like this. It's my dream! Woo!

We had dinner at a random store in Shinjuku station before we head back to the hotel to end our wonderful 2nd day in Tokyo. So expensive. :(

(1) The Sensoji Temple / (2) Oh my gawd. Rilakkuma! <3 / (3) Featuring the Hubby's new toy, FiveDeeeeeeeMarkTwo!

[day 3 // 16.06.09]
We made a last minute reservation with the tour agent for our 1 day Mt Fuji/Hakone trip the day before. Needless to say, we have to wake up extremely early incase we miss the bus which was supposed to pick us up for the trip.

I spent most of my time sleeping on the bus, as usual. Haha the Hubby tries to wake me up but I drift back into my sleep after opening my eyes and looking at him.

Our 1st stop was Mt Fuji. I wasn't expecting it to be THAT cold that's why I wore a 3quad pants instead of jeans. I was literately freezing my ass off! We can see snow along the slope from the mountain and that explain why it's still so cold. But because of the mist/fog, we can't see the Mt Fuji AT ALL. :( Wasted trip lor!

We got back to our bus after taking enough of photos and proceed to some cafe for lunch which was included in the tour package. And after lunch, we proceed to take a gondola up to the Hakone Hot Spring. Of course we didn't go for the Hot Spring. We are there to see the hot sulphur spring and to try the famous black egg.

I think the main highlight of the trip is to take picture with the Hello Kitty X Black Egg mascot.

The 1 day tour was actually kinda boring, which the Hubby agrees too but at least we have fulfilled our aim to visit Mt Fuji + Hakone.

The Shinkanse Bullet train takes about 1 hour place to get from Hakone back to Shinjuku. By the time we got back to Shinjuku, we are dead tired already. So we decided to buy dinner back to the hotel from Takashimaya. Hubby have a sudden crave for Yakitori! :P

We bought Bento, Yakitori and Tempura! All are on sale because it's quite late already so they need to clear whatever was left that day. :P It's a steal and they r really yummy. Initially we wanted just a box of Tempura but the auntie mistakenly packed 2 packet together and by the time she realised her mistake, she decided to give us the 2nd box for free. Aiyo so nice la she! Haha...

(1) Our tag for the tour / (2) Crazyily misty. ;( / (3) The Gondola we took to the hot spring area / (4) The famous black egg that is said to add 7 years to your life after eating. :P / (5) Hello Kitty X Hakone Black Egg. Only in Hakone! / (6) On Shinkansen bullet train back to Tokyo, Shinjuku / (7) Our dinner that night. Tempura, Yakitori and Bento bought from Takashimaya! Yums.

[day 4 // 17.06.09]
Decided to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market that day after postponing it from the 2nd day of our trip. But to our horror, the fish market was closed that day! :( But still we had our tummy filled with Sushi. Very expensive!! ><

After leaving Tsukiji Fish Market, we took a train to Akabanebashi Station where the Tokyo tower is. Took a helluv pictures there and I have a hard time sorting them out. Haha...

Next up is to Harajuku to visit the Meiji Shrine. The place is just like the Sensoji temple but the walk from the train station into the shrine is VERYYYY long! The pathway is full for small stones and walking on them can be quite a pain..

We saw a couple holding a traditional Japanese customary wedding in the shrine. And we make our mark by writing our wishes on the wishing tablet and hang in onto the wishing wall. It's funny reading some from the others and we spot one that curse the theft that broke into his car twice and stole his GPS system. Haha...

We left Meiji Shrine for the shopping area in Harajuku. That's where Kiddyland is! But we were disappointed at the amount of Rilakkuma things that Kiddyland carries. The Rilakkuma store is definitely way better!

There was supposed to be a Bape Cafe in Harajuku but after searching for like almost 45 minutes, walk alot of 冤枉路, we realise that it's 倒闭 already. Alamak.. in the end we just make do with some Udon restaurant along the way.

Harajuku is so huge we got very tired after much walking and we decided to go back Shinjuku to rest and shop abit before we call it a day...

(1) Tokyo Tower, at my finger tips. :P / (2) Serious photographer at work / (3) The hugeass crow!

[day 5 // 18.06.09]

We finally tried the buffet breakfast at the hotel. It's oh-so-good and I am missing it right now! Woohoo!

Spent our whole day in Shibuya and Ginza. Wah the amount we walk can kill our feet. Haha... We visited the huge Apple Store (impressed with the elevator!) and bought something for my Dad and finally found my Incase pink color laptop sleeve!

The hubby also managed to find his Bape store and bought 2 tees and 1 pants. I like to see him shop! ^^

We went back to the Rilakkuma store and I bought more things this time round. I just can't stop! It's scary. :P

Had dinner in Shinjuku's famous Yakitori Street. VERY VERY yummy! But as usual... the place is full of cigarette and yakitori smoke. We are really really really smelly after walking out of the place. ><

[day 6 // 19.06.09]
Odaiba is at the border of Tokyo therefore its a little more troublesome to get there. Almost wanna give up the idea of going there but thank god we didn't. The place is beautiful and I bought many things from there! :P

Odaiba is where the mini Statue of Liberty and rainbow bridge are both located at. It's also a "beach" and the place is very tranquil. So tranquil that a huge bee decided to land on my arm and left some weird green substance on it. Wah lau thank god not sting. -_-

We took ALOT of pictures there and later had lunch at Macdonalds. We shopped at Agnes B And Toys"R"Us!

Took a train from Odaiba to the Venusfort where the Toyota showcase is. Hugeeeee place and we tried the Ecodrive stimulator. So fun la! Hee...

After all the fun in Toyota center, we pass by the ferris wheel (decided not to take because weather was sooooo hot!) and got into a game center. Told hubby that we should totally take photo sticker in Japan since it's originated from there. Hee! But turn our pretty scary because that machine we took have the eyeballs enlarge function! We didn't even opt for it. And the pictures turn out freaky... got the manga kind of big eyes. O_O

Before leaving the game center, the Hubby spotted a poster introducing the Rilakkuma photosticker machine. OMG! We almost missed it! So we went to take another one at the kuma machine. SO SO HAPPY! :)

Even my small kuma get to be in the sticker. <3

We left Venusfort and head back to Roppongi Hills for the 2nd time as the hubby wasn't satisfied with the previous visit due to the misty weather. (He say he was unable to capture the nightscene that day.) And we paid AGAIN just to go up lor. Haha...

(Before that, we rented a locker in the subway station to place all our shopping barang in it because it's too bulky for us to carry around. But I was super paranoid about my things being stolen! ><)

After making sure that the hubby is satisfied with his photos, we had dinner at Yoshinoya and back to Shinjuku to place our stuff before heading to Hotel Park Hyatt Tokyo.

(1) Aqua City @ Odaiba / (2) Kuma says hi! (with the hubby in the background) / (3) Am I in Japan or New York?! - Kuma / (4) Statue of Liberty with the Rainbow bridge (is that right?) / (5) Chasing the birdyyyyyy / (6) Some random bug I tried hard in capturing on my camera / (7) Driving in Japan! (not!) / (8) Don't try this while driving on the road. / (9) Some nice artistic work display along Roppongi Hill / (10) Love holding your hands / (11) Singapore Restaurant?! / (12) Beautifully lit up Tokyo Tower.

The main reason for heading down to Hotel Park Hyatt Tokyo is for the famous New York Bar, which was featured in the movie, Lost In Translation.

Thou the place is full of people smoking, the ambience is really cool and nice. We had red wine with snacks, listening to the live band, whispering into each other's ears, spotting weird couples (haha!)... Thanks to the hubby's persistence about going to the bar. :P

[day 7 // 20.06.09]
Our last day in Tokyo!

Woke up really early to enjoy our last breakfast of our trip. Make a mad dash around Shinjuku to do last minute shopping and also to buy another luggage for our excessive shopping. Our Airport Limo is supposed to fetch us at 1pm (it takes 2 hours to reach Narita from Shinjuku!) and we reach the airport at about 3pm. Our flight bound for HK is at 540pm.

Bought somemore things in the Airport and the hubby bought me a big Kiiroitori so I can hug it on the plane. Hee! Cute!

OH YA... guess what? I saw Angelababy at the Narita Airport! Guys envy me or not? She is quite pretty but of coz what you see on her blog is better. I could recognise her rabbit plush she was holding to while she walk past me before I notice her face. Hee

Touch down in HK at around 10ish pm... so tired but I have to unpack everything before my mind will feel at ease.


I am sure you all wanna see what I bought right!! :P

(1) I got all this from the kiap kiap machine! I love the big plastic bag!

(2) A big bag from The Rilakkuma store!

(3) This are what's inside the big plastic bag. My hubby caught them!

(4) Kiiroitori (now known as DBW, our nick for it. HEE) that my Hubby bought at the airport

(5) Let's see, there are: waterbottle pouch, hairband, Vitz car model, sweets, water bottle, cups, bag hanger, stickers, keychains X 2, bracelet, socks, pens and pencils, mobilestrap charms X 10, keepsake coin and foot massage thingy.

(6) Remember the Toyota Vitz advertisment that featured Rilakkuma? HEE!

(7) 1 Navy one + charm for myself. Another navy + green + charm for my sister and black one for my mum!

(8) Cool wireless mouse and iPhone 3G leather case for my dad!

(9) Incase pink sleeve for my Vaio and a small nice pink case for my eeePC.

(10) Bape for the Hubby!

(11) Finally found the Sushijan game and Transformers for the Hubby.

(12) Yes the eeePC is the new toy I was referring in my previous entry. Hee and saw that super mini mouse? I got it in Japan! sweet!

(13) The Hakone black egg Hello Kitty. Too cute to resist! <3

That's it! Give me credit for blogging all 7 days at one shot hor! :P I am sure there are lotsa typo but I am really too lazy to check thru them. Aiya then again, you all only wanna see pictures right! I am really bad at documenting trips la...

I only know I truly enjoyed myself with my Hubby who have been a great companion and taking care of me so well. I really love travelling with him and I hope we will get more chances to explore the world together! :)

Hope you have enjoyed yourself baby! I love you! Thanks for making this trip possible! MUAHH!

(indomie, here I comeeeeeee!!)

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