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I am back! The Move + MY Birthday!
Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:28 AM

Too much rest makes me feel lazy about editing the pictures and putting words together to blog. Haha...

So continuation to my previous post, we were given less than 1 month to look for a new place and move out entirely. After the 3 viewing with agent 1, I was desperate enough to look for another agent from a not so famous property website, Landspert. I got the Husband to call him up but we were a little skeptical because according to the Husband, he sounded really unfriendly. Uh huh...

That very night, we viewed 3 units. The 1st one was... small beyond words. Even smaller than the unit we choosen. Plus the view was directly at old building. Dark and doesn't feel right.

2nd unit was quite normal... no wow factor and not exactly the cleanest.

3rd unit is the unit we set our eyes on. Sitting at level 51, the night view was fansinating. Thou it's not harbour or sea view, the city view towards Mongkok is vibrant with lighting and busy roads. It's not stuffy and certainly bright with no buildings blocking. The condition of the house is almost brand new. Given that the building is only 2 years old and the landlord have refurbish and repaint the entire house after the previous tenant have left.

The only concern we have is, 51 floor and the asking price for the rent. We didn't say yes on the spot at the price as we have asked the agent to nego for a lower rent with the landlord. Initially our budget was the same amount as the previous apartment but we know it's like asking for the moon at this apartment. We managed to nego to the price where both of us are satisfied. Thou another interested party was willing to pay slightly more than us but our advantage was able to move in immediately!

Photos of the apartment...

And so we did it. Found the right unit, clean up over the weekend, book a van, move some things over, got the professional mover to move more stuff over, settle down comfortably all within 2 weeks. It was quite crazy la. Thou we only been in Hong Kong for 1 year plus but the among of things to move is... insanely ALOT.

We are definitely loving this unit. Confirm better than the previous silverfish + springtail + rotten toilet cabinet + rainwater sipping thru the wall + clogging pipes apartment. The other day we tried taking a bus to Mongkok at the bus stop near our place and it take less than 10 minutes to reach. Fast and cheap!

No moved in pictures yet. Must wait for the Husband to take nice ones to justify the place. Haha...

[15.08.09 - Kitty Lab Show]
The long await Kitty Lab show is here! It happened on the same as the day we went to sign the tenant agreement for the new apartment. It was quite a mad rush for us but we still find it kinda enjoyable.

Thou they didn't allow us to take pictures, we still manage to steal some shots before being told to keep our cameras away. Ugh. The games there was rather kiddy but I guess that's the whole point.

Really thankful to the Husband for accompanying me there. I think boredom is driving him crazy but what's more important than seeing that smile on my face? :P

[21.08.09 - Gary Chaw Concert]
August is my month so naturally it's super happening. The Husband bought us tickets to Gary Chaw's Hong Kong concert. My 1st concert in HK and it's the Husband's favourite singer. Love his voice and he is really attractive on the stage. Definitely worth every bucks of the ticket!

My aim for this year birthday is to keep it low and enjoying it with my love ones in peace. That's why I removed my dob from my website, facebook and friendster (yes i am still using it! HAHAH!). It's sorta test to see how many friends actually really remember my birthday la. :P Well it seems like facebook does play a big part for remembering friends' birthday.

Nevertheless, the Husband still managed to surprise me with a pair of tickets back to Singapore to celebrate with my family and my besties. BEST GIFT EVER!

After knowing that I will be going back to SG, I told my sister and told her that I wanna surprise my parents by appearing at the door without them knowing.

My mum has the habit of calling me every morning and because its my birthday she will even call me earlier to wish me happy birthday. But she couldn't get thru me because I was on the flight flying back to SG with my phone off. When I touched down, I called her back telling her that I was at Ocean Park and suffering from bad phone reception. HAHAH.

We rushed back to the Husband place and put down all barang barang, took a cab back to my parents place and pressed the door bell.

And there was my mum, opening the door and starring at me for a good 5 seconds before realising that she isn't dreaming. That look on her face is priceless! Should have taken a photo of her. HEE.

Stayed around for a while before heading to Central to meet Ling and her boyfriend + Damien. Thanks for remembering my birthday and the super pretty teeshirt! And also thanks to Wendy, April, Linus and Wansheng for the gift!

Went back home from Central and catch up with my family before going to my favourite Min Jiang for dinner!

How can anyone not love Min Jiang?! They serves the BEST chinese cuisine! Yums!

After dinner, we went back home to cut my cake and off I go to meet my girls at ICB! Thanks to Jie and Jeff for sending me there!

I miss my favourite girls! They are the best friends everyone wished for. Nothing about them I don't love and that explain why we have been so close for so long! <3

Pardon for the lousy picture. The place was exceptionally dark and noisy. Haha... we had a hard time trying to speak to each other but the chicken wings are oh so good! Will definitely go back there... when there is no soccer showing on tv. :P

After beer and wings, we went back to the Husband's place to play mahjong! The Husband is already in the midst of his game with his buddies so we girls played in the room instead. Had so much fun playing, bitching and laughing over crazy things.

Before the clock strike 12, I cut my 3rd cake with everyone, thanks to JR! :)

We ended our game around 4am and off we go to catch some precious sleep!

[23.08.09 - Steamboat!]
In the morning, we took a bus to Bedok to have lunch. I had my favourite heartland chicken chop while the Husband had fish soup. We went over to visit the Husband's grandma and spent a few hours there. :)

After leaving ah mah's place, we took a bus to Eunos and took a train to cityhall. The Husband shopped and happy to see him smiling from ear to ear!

At about 5 plus, we head towards Bugis to meet up with the besties for our steamboat dinner.

Love the steamboat! A whole lot of variety of food. Since it's buffet so we eat until siao. Surprise that there isn't much food wastage. I think the waitress there also got a shock at the amount of food we ordered. :P

See the lovely photobook they did for me? Thou I really hate the cover picture (look at THOSE elephant thighs -_-), I love the content of it! I still smile whenever I look at it now. Amazing effect that will never go off!

Thanks for the flower, the superb durian cake and the photobook my besties! Muah!

We hop over to 记得吃 for some durian dessert after the mind blowing, sweat inducing dinner. SUPER WHOLESOME LA! I was a little sad that I couldn't eat the need-to-pry-open kind of durian but the dessert at 记得吃 is good enough to make up for my loss. LOVE IT!

After dessert, before we all say good bye, I suggested taking photostickers. Thank god the photosticker shop was still open! We are the last customers I guess.

Love you guys!

[24.08.09 - Flying back to HK]
As usual good things doesn't last... but beautiful memories will stay in my heart!

In the morning, my sister came and send us to the 四马路 temple and afterwhich we went to Kiliney Kopitiam to say hi to my uncle and auntie. Had my favourite french toast and curry chicken. Super sinful haha...

Sister brought us to ION to take a short walk while waiting for the 包s we bought to be ready. Wah just 1 year away from SG and now so many shopping malls sprouting out.

Went back to my parents office, slack around until it's time to go to the airport. Flight at 4 and reaches HK around 8.

Was supposed to be expecting Ikea delivery but forgotten that we will not reach home in time to accept it, we got the concierge at our apartment to receive it for us. By the time we reach our lobby, we were told that they received our Ikea items already and will send to us shortly. I was thinking, woah... very good service!

About 10 minutes after we got home, the door bell rang and the Husband opened the door. There standing a bell boy, with a bellboy cart filled with our Ikea items. Wah lau I think they are damn exaggerating but nevertheless I am super impressed with the management here. Haha... CEO living leh mai siao siao!

My favourite part is here. Presents!!!! <3

Not all are birthday presents but gifts from friends and sister when they went overseas or just think I deserve them. :P I love them alllllll!!! There are my BB Bold, my favourite Rilakkuma (a whole lot!!), Tokidoki and DIY items! I can never get enough of them!

This year I told the Husband that I don't need any fanciful gifts already. But he still went ahead to order the Kitty Lab X plush toy. To think that he worried I might scold him. -_- I love it so much lor!!

Thou I am not blessed with good brain and looks, I am certainly very much blessed with family, friends and a wonderful husband who loves me inside out! Everyone was telling me how good my Husband is. YES I KNOW! :P I am indeed a very very lucky girl.

Once again, THANK YOU ALL SOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH!! Can't wait to see you guys again back in Singapore! MUAH!

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