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Kitty Madness continue + I am also going mad.
Monday, August 10, 2009 12:49 PM

And so I just couldn't stop looking at Hello Kitty these days. I SWEAR I didn't 移情别恋。I still love Rilakkuma very much but I just couldn't stop. ><

Was browsing thru the many thousand auctions in yahoo hk when I came across this super good deal on a set of limited edition set from MTR.

SGD$20! I think it's super worthy and cute! The Kitty figurines each represent a staff at the Hong Kong MTR station. They are: Train Operators, Assistant Fire and Security Supervisors, Infrastructure Maintenance Officers, Rolling Stock Maintenance Officers, Station Assistants, and Group Station Managers.

Cool or not! HAHA!

As if this is not enough, the Husband decided to indulge me with all the 3 Hello Kitty X Octopus Ornament.

Spoilt me rotten indeed but I love them SOOOOO MUCH! I will definitely wear the Kuromi one! SO CUTE!


Things havent been exactly that smooth sailing for us these days. But we thought after the Husband passed THE exam, things will get better.

Who knows yesterday morning, when the both of us were still sleeping, I received a phonecall from our landlord, saying something like, "有的野唔好意思想話你知。。。" (which means "got something not so nice to tell you...")

I thought she wanted to ask for our rent this month... or ask for a rent increase. But it was something worse than that.

She say the landlord (the caller is a friend of our landlord but because she stay in the same condo, so she liaise with us instead of him) sold his own house and wanna move into our unit... so we gotta look for a new unit and move out. She said we will be compensate with 1 month of rent... and she will try to contact the property agent to keep a look out for us.

WAH lau. I don't want such 晴天霹雳 news when I am still in my dreams lor. After I hang up, the Husband and I start to look for ads on the internet for condos available and which area is better.

We decided to try Olympic area as the Husband will have to work at the branch there sometimes so it's more convenient. Plus Olympic is only 2 stops away from Hong Kong station easy access to Central. Many plus point.

4 hours after the phone call, we were at this super glam condo with the agent to view 3 empty units. (Talking about efficiency, harharhar)

Harbour Green, located 5 minutes walk from the Olympic Station (covered walkway is yay-ness), developer is Sun Hung Kai, the best in Hong Kong. And the development is only 2 years old.

The apartment really got the hotel feel. No wonder their selling point is "CEO Living". Their guards looks like bodyguard! And they have bellboy and concierge service... so many and I don't think I will be able to state them all. OH AND THEIR TOILET GOT TV ONE! HAHAH! But only 2 palm size so big. Can brush teeth and watch tv at the same time.

The rent is slightly higher than what we are paying now but we are quite sure we can bring it down to the same rate as now. Just that the unit is even smaller... imagine small... then smaller?! Guess what we are paying is for the location... and the quality of the development.

All the units we viewed yesterday are super high floor lor. 43 storey! Aiyo imagine typhoon come, I will be super paranoid about the glass panel!

We will be viewing more units tomorrow and hopefully we can make a choice by then. Got so many things to pack, to move, then to clean up the new place. Seriously, how much drama must we have!

I know these days I have been secretly wishing to move out because this place is quite infested with bugs... first sliverfish and now springtail?! Not your usual bugs lor! The Husband was poking fun at me saying that my wish came true... super abrupt thou.

From now onwards, I will be more careful with what I wish for. >< Wish us luck!

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