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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 9:36 AM

My weekends was a blast! I always look forward to weekends even if it's just staying at home. Nothing beats having the Husband around me the whole day.

On Saturday, I was invited to tag along for the Husband's usual basketball game organised by his colleagues. Thou I wasn't really keen in getting sweaty because I was still nursing a cough, I had a great time mingling around and taking pictures of the game. Nevertheless I did tried my hands on some ball shooting. And when was the last time I tried shooting a ball?! During my secondary school days?! Will never forget all the good old times I had during netball tournaments and practise! I was GA and GS okie?! Hahah...

After the game, some of us proceed to Redbox @ New Kowloon Plaza (woooo very near our place!) for some k-session. AND when was the last time I sang K again? (Wah seems like after moving here, there are alot of things we stop doing already!) OH YES. During my Hens night (bachelorette night) with my favorite girls!

Somehow a KTV room reminds me of the dating days I had with the Husband. In the past I think we spent like 1/3 of our time dating in a KTV room because both of us were crazy about singing PLUS our 1st date/meeting was at a KTV okie?! So every now and then I will ask him, if he still remember our 1st date... I will remind him that he was late and made me wait while he will say that he hate my "khaki green" skirt that I wore that day. YAH... I love "Safari"... so I love "Khaki Green". Cannot meh?! At least I don't wear "RAD Bigini" and DROP down orchard road leh. :P

Anyway I am super impressed by the voice of the Husband colleagues. They can sing SO WELL! I swear it's the air in Hong Kong! EVERYONE CAN SING! We had Leon Lai and Stefanie Sun in the house and I truly enjoyed myself. :)

Sunday was reserved for Sogo sale and in search of some items for my friends! My priority was to buy the Durian Mooncake at Sogo and coincidently I received leaflet that they are having sale at the same time too.

Look at our 战利品!

The 1st shop I saw when I reached Sogo was Longchamp! They were having a 50% discount for some of their Le pliage range items. I bought the small size long handle one in Peony color.

Now I have a mini collection of Longchamp bags! All in difference sizes and color. But I bought 3 of them during Longchamp sale (mostly 50% discount! am I lucky or what!) and the one in Green was a gift from the Husband. Red one is for beach outing. Black, I am using it everyday for meals and groceries shopping. Green for travelling. And Peony, not sure yet since I just got it but I think it's good to bring it out for shopping! Good size and long handle for easy carrying.

I have been nagging the Husband to get a new pair of working shoes because he have been wearing the old one for the past 5 years! I know he finds them comfortable and nice but the shoes is falling apart and they are starting to "Talk" to me already. ><

Out of 10 times, I think only 2 times the Husband will buy something for himself willingly. If not the other 8 times I have to force him to try and buy what's neccessary. *puke blood* Maybe shopping is just not in the man's blood.

I am surprised that the Husband actually manage to find something that caught his eyes and willingly tried them on. But I must say he have good eyes. Geox is a good brand, the design is classic and it has breathable sole. Geox was having a 10%+10% discount so I must say its a good buy!

The leaflet also stated that Tokidoki tees were having sale. Super excited because I LOVE Tokidoki!

I like the cut of the grey tee on the Husband. Perfect fit! And I love the design on the black tee that I have chosen. It was only when we have paid and left Tokidoi before we realise that maybe I should get another one of the same design so we can have a couple tee! <3

Last stop will be the Durian Moonies because they have to be kept cool so we thought by getting it last, we can go home straight after that.

We bought the D24 one because MaoShanWang is EXTRAORDINARY EXPENSIVE LA! I think D24 is good enough. Have yet to try them... maybe tonight! It says it's a product of Singapore. But I never seen this brand in Singapore before wo. My all time favourite will be Goodwood Park Hotel one. Beat all other brands both hands down!

We were on our way home before the Husband asked if I would like to check our Beatles Rockband at Sino Center. He knows me the best! :)

Saw the Wii version instead of Xbox one and it's selling at 2300hkd?!?!?!?! I can buy another console with that price! Another shop quote me 2700hkd lor!!! I must be insane if I agree to get it on the spot. -_-

Anyway looking at the price, it sorta make me give up about getting one. Either that or I shall wait for the Asian official release (not sure if they are gonna do that but it's definitely cheaper this way) before I break my bank to get them.

Sino Center was just a few building away from CTMA so we decided to go there take a look at the Camera Strap that I wanted to buy. The old one was fill with sweat it's sticky..... :/

Love the pink and like the fact that it's silm and comfy on my neck. It doesn't matter that it doesn't have Canon on it. :P

And that concludes my super weekends!

I am looking forward to the short trip with the Husband to Bangkok next month! Knowing that he can't join me for my Taiwan trip with my girls, the Bangkok trip will be perfect to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and to give the Husband a good break from his never ending work...

I don't care how a stranger would judge me... but if you're my friend and judge me just like a stranger, I don't think I can forgive you.

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