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Boat trip!
Friday, September 11, 2009 12:01 PM

Felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. My laptop had THE bluescreen TWICE. BB Bold have problems updating and my iPhone is lagging like no tomorrow. UGH!

I don't like that nagging feeling in me especially when I need to get something done but yet I am lazing my ass off day after that. I know I have to update this space of mine but sometimes I just hate to open up the photoshop and put all the pictures together. Thou I know there are lotsa photo collage software around, I still like to use my own way of putting them together.

So today, procrastination NO MORE!

Last Saturday, I was invited by the Husband's lovely colleague to join them for their department boat trip outing @ Sai Kung. I was excited about it because the last time my bikini ever seen the sunlight was... OMG! my phuket trip in Feb 2008! "They" were supposed to see the sunlight on our honeymoon trip to Bali but it was cancelled the other time. -_-

It was uber embrassessing to tell everyone that we have not been to Sai Kung after moving to HK for over a year. Don't say Sai Kung la, even Macau also never been there before!

It's just like me living in Singapore for over 20 years, I have not cover the entire country yet. Crap. I swear I will go every corner of Singapore when we go back for good one day.

So that morning, we woke up exceptionally early and took a train to Choi Hung Station to meet the rest of the peeps who volunteered to get drinks and tibits for the trip. Took a mini bus that directly drove us into Sai Kung. Woohoo! It's not as difficult as we thought to make our way there.

The supermarket @ Sai Kung was INSANELY PACKED with people who are like us, going on a boat trip. I haven't seen that much people wearing shorts with tees/tanks after moving here. You can see 80% of Singaporean girls wearing shorts with tanks everywhere in Singapore. But its definitely not usual in Hong Kong. For a moment I felt like I was in Sentosa. Haha...

There were about 20 over of us and the size of the yacht is just right. But small means easier to feel the unstable sea so I had to pop a pill before I board as I am super prone to motion sickness. :O~

Everyone had lotsa fun in the water and they also provide speedboat for wakeboarding. One of them bought the super big star and turtle float but I didn't manage to enjoy those because I can't blardy swim. UGH. Sometimes I hate myself for not having that determination to learn swimming. I pick up everything fast except for swimming and rollerblading, which both happens to be the Husband's expertise. -_-

OH YES I FOUND A JELLYFISH IN THE WATER! Luckily it was spotted before someone get sting by it.

The yacht stops at one of the beach after lunch so thank god I get to set my feet on the ground before I start puking on board. Haha...

The seawater was exceptionally salty. It's salty enough to even feel the prickly sensation when you touch it. The worse part is that the toilet at the beach uses seawater instead of fresh water. I almost wanted to wash my eyes with the tap water! ><

Getting back onto yacht, we played mahjong, cards and before we realise it, the time is close to evening and we are on our way back to the pier.

We had dinner at this seafood restaurant which serves super fresh seafood. And I can't stop raving about the Cheesey lobster (SHUCKS I realise I caption it as Crab in my picture. -_- It's lobster right?!) with ee-fu noodle. MAN, I CAN DIE HAPPY EATING THAT! I love cheese!

It was overall a GREAT TRIP! And I love the company! For the 1st time I felt like home without my singaporean family and friends around. Thanks Josphine for the invitation! :)

Actually I almost couldn't make it to the trip because after dinner on Wednesday, I had runs on Thurday morning. After meeting Ting Jie (she was here for her holiday! :)) during the day time, I suddenly had high fever after I got home. Seen a doctor that night, and continue to have diarrhea on Friday. Saturday I woke up with queasy tummy but I figure out that if I don't go out, it won't make much difference. Hahah... Thank god I made the right decision!


My Sister and Jeffrey is coming over to Hong Kong on the 16th and I can't wait! I love visitors especially my loved ones! By then I am sure there will be lotsa photos updates and no more mundane text only entry. :P

OH and by the way... I have finally sent in the PO for my Rilakkuma business. Finally one step closer towards my dream! Wish me luck! <3

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