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Of Anniversary, Halloween & Rilakkuma
Friday, November 06, 2009 3:57 PM

Can't believe it was only last year (1st Nov 2008) when we both walk down the aisle together. Still remember the day of our customary wedding...

It was a rainy morning and the groom was late because he totally forgotten about the hand bouquet. :O

When I thought the worst is over, I realise I have no appetite for anything and I kept felt like puking THE ENTIRE DAY. I was simply too nervous. But when we both step into the ballroom, all the nervous-ness in me just miraclely disappeared within the thin air.

And I thought when the banquet is over, we could spend quality time together in the pre-soak-with-rosepetals-bathtub and have the nice late supper which the hotel have delivered up to our bridal suite, the groom fell asleep in his half drunk state.

I was left standing next to him, still with all my makeup on and hair all stiff and frizzy. I thought to myself... what's next?

After spending a long time in the bathroom, I came out and stood infront of the mess in the suite's living room wondering if I should pack up or eat 1st.

I pack up, clean up, stuff the gowns and albums into the bags, lock the angbaos in the safe, watch and cringe at the morning highlight video and fell asleep. Totally forgotten about the supper. (There goes our cod fish and fried bun with chillicrab sauce.)

We didn't even make it to our Honeymoon @ Bali due to security reason.

Although we both know that the wedding wasn't perfect, I am still very happy to go through it with you. And now that we have come this far, baby, I wanna thank you for everything that you've given to me.

Life wasn't all smooth sailing when we are so far away from home. But we both know we have each other to rely on no matter what.

I look forward to see you every end of the day because even if we stay under the same roof, you spend long hours working hard in office to provide all my needs.

You support whatever decision I make. You get me involved in all parts of your life.

I know that if it wasn't you, I won't be what I am today.

There is only one regret in my life... which is getting to know you a little too late. But it's okie because good things can wait. It's okie because your love healed all my wounds.

I love you baby! I love you so much that my heart bursted and recovered for a million times. Happy 1st Year Anniversary to the both of us! <3

On the 31st Oct, the Husband dated me to Disneyland for a special Halloween night.

I can never understand the fun of dressing up and visiting crowded places to "celebrate" Halloween. I usually spend it like how I will spend the rest of my 364 days.

As we all know the ticket to Disneyland is blardy expensive, the evening tickets isn't any better. The evening admission is from 6pm to 11pm so we had early dinner and slowly make our way there.

At the entrance, we saw someone selling those Halloween headbands so we decided to get 1 each just for the sake of getting into the mood. :P

Other then the parade, the dressing of the staff and the deco, everything else was the same. But we still enjoyed and had fun playing the same rides all over again! (No scary rides for me thou. I can't take it! ><)

(Alot of pictures of us because the Husband ask me why recently I havent been taking photos together. You know, when you start using SLR... you hardly can do self portrait unless with the help of mirror or strangers. ><)

No matter how many times we have seen the fireworks before, it still look so beautiful to us!

And of course the Carousel ride...

Thou I still find it silly to "celebrate" Halloween, the Husband's decision to bring me to Disneyland make me a very happy girl. <3

Recently the Husband bought me this Rilakkuma charm which I have been eyeing for the longest time. I wanted to use it but iPhone doesn't have any holes for me to hang it and I was worried of dirtying it at the same time. So I took out my Q-pot case again... :O

The very last time I used it, I stain the back of the case with some ink which I have no idea where it came from. I tried ways to remove it but it only cause more damaged to the case so I stop using it already. But that day when I took it out, the stain disappeared!! I don't know where it went to lor but since the stain is gone, I can finally use it again!

Perfect match right!! Love how the pink and purple match! But I am still worried of getting the both of them dirty. -_-

And guess what we found?!

Rilakkuma everywhere in HK can?! Even tissue box also have! The quality of the tissue is quite good leh. Not inferior kind! 2 ply!

And thanks to Joce's reminder, I managed to buy the cute Rilakkuma fridge from Circle K! Also thanks to the Husband for being persistent in finding it when the Circle K at the MTR station doesn't carry them. We walk a little further to the other store and found it! <3

Dedicate to all Milo Peng Lover.


Oh, Omocha-Land have launched their 2nd Collection this morning!!


Have a greaaaaaaaaat weekend everyone!!! MUAH!

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