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Back with new toys...
Monday, March 29, 2010 1:23 PM

Disappeared for longer than expected... but nothing is better then having some me-time and clearing some thoughts.

Life was a roller coaster for the past few weeks but no matter what happens, life still goes on. I am still who I am and I still love what I love. I have been pretty optimistic for all my life so I guess it helps to get by bad times pretty quickly.

And so the besties, Ailing, Kaijing & Dylan visited the Husband and I in HK earlier this month and we had so much fun! :) Peili and Irvin was also in HK at the same time so we visited Ocean Park today and stayed in there from morning till the gate close behind us. Usually the Husband and I only spent like what, 3 hours most in Ocean Park? Haha... I am amazed by the besties' willpower.

Yes, it's the eyeball-enlargement photosticker machine. But seems like the function works well for everyone else except for me. I must have REALLY SMALL EYES. :P

So when we were back in Singapore for CNY, the Husband and I were looking at getting Wayfarer. He wants to use it as eyeglasses while I am looking for shades. Sunglass Hut @ Marina Square was having 20% off for most items and I am surprise that Rayban are on sale too. Price was really attractive so we were pretty much sold.

Husband got the tortise color for his eyeglasses while I got white for mine. Initially I was considering red and white but red is too BOOMZ for me so I got the white instead. But white have pure white with full black shades and white subway design with grey shades. Since price difference wasn't huge for both, I got the subway one which was supposed to be limited edition. Love it! :)

While the besties were here, they shop so much that left me speechless. They really know how to walk. Haha... especially Dylan! And I think he bought the most items. Very impressive for a guy. :P

Of course how can I not bring them to my favorite kuma store? I went to collect the sandwich plush which I pre-ordered sometime back and bought some cute stickers too. Too hard to resist. :)

I still buy Rilakkuma stuff when I have a blogshop selling them... but some of the items I got are only sold in Japan and the store owner is really nice to get them for me. ^^

Pass by Macdonalds last Friday and they are selling their new 35th Anniversary plush toys collector set. Too cute to give it a miss!

It's funny how collector's edition doesn't come with the normal size Officer Big Mac & Mac Tonight. I have to stuff myself silly with mac to complete the set. -_-

To find out more, visit HERE! :)

Those who are on my Facebook will know that I am dying to eat the Rilakkuma cake, partially for the cute Rilakkuma plates that will be given free for every 1 pound of cake. There are a totally of 6 plates that comes in 3 different sets.

Saint Honore, the cake shop offering the cute cakes are not exactly near my place but the love I have for Rilakkuma make me determine to get them. Haha... and Thanks to the Husband for spoiling me.

I can safely say that we are super hardcore Rilakkuma Fans because we ate 3 blardy pound of cake just to finish collecting all the plates.

Anyway the cakes are also to welcome our smallest member of the Kuma family... SLS. (don't ask me why that name. The Husband gave the funniest name to all my bears.)

Can you see cake oozing out from my nose already?

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