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Chinese Lunar New Year!
Monday, March 01, 2010 10:47 AM

I just couldn't keep to my promise about blogging regularly in 2010. I totally lost the mojo for blogging once I go on a relatively long trip. (e.g back for cny and perth.)

It's pretty scary to know that it's the 3rd month into 2010 already. This year seems to move on very quickly but I guess it's a good thing. Soon we will be in HK for 2 years already and I am really looking forward to going back to SG for good.


This time we flew back to SG days before CNY so that we will have time for shopping. I couldn't find anything suitable for new year in HK that's why I always say SG is the best shopping place for me.

This year the in laws had early reunion dinner so I am very excited to be able to join my very own family for reunion on new year's eve. I know it's not a normal practice for married daughter and I didn't join them last year.

Day 1 was spent with my in laws and house visiting. And of course how can we missed out visiting the temple early in the morning? After temple, we had a hard time finding eatery that opens on 1st day of CNY. My FIL says he remember seeing one of the Bak Kut Teh stall in Balestier advertising on the newspaper saying that they are open. IIRC it's the 933 BKT. Surprised to see that it's not at all packed given that it's one of the many few stalls opening on that day.

Since 1st day of CNY is also V-day, the Husband and I thought of catching a movie together so I tried making a reservation via my BB and got a confirmation number. But when we went to Tampines GV to make a collection, I was told there isn't any booking under my name. WTF I was pissed and asked if that's the case, why bother about having an application for online booking?! The cinema is full by the time we were there and no way we can buy tickets on the spot. BAH!

No movie so we had a pathetic dinner @ Pasta Mania. I found plastic in my pasta and how lucky can I get? We really regretted having dinner there, totally forgotten about the new mall in Tampines. Tampines 1! We had a good walk at Tampines 1 after dinner and home sweet home we went.

The Husband got a LVoely wallet from me, replacing the old one which went outta shape after him squeezing coins in bill compartment. :O I am still waiting for mine, something that can't be bought with just $$... but patience. :P

Day 2 was spent at my parents' place. Finally I get to eat the Heng Wah Mee Sua again! Only available in the HO's residence. :P Always look forward to eat it every CNY.

After makan, we proceed to my uncle's place for visiting. He have a really impressive garden in his balcony!

Had lunch at his place and waited till it's time for me and the Husband to make our way to the airport. Our flight to perth was supposed to be 7ish but when we reach the airport for check in at around 5pm, we were told that our flight was changed to 5ish. Good lord we ALMOST missed our flight! We make a quick dash to the boarding gate after checking in and once we settle down onto our seats in the flight, the door is closed. Phew! Crazy!


The in laws reached Perth earlier than us as they took the morning flight instead. So they came to the airport and fetch us and we had supper @ Macdonalds.

The subsequent days in Perth was quite leisure and tummy filling. We were constantly munching on food (me, SIL, MIL & Aunt) and the guys (FIL and Hubby) were in charge to be behind the wheels.

We visited Fremantle (for the amazing Fish & Chips @ Cicerellos!), Rottnest Island for the beautiful beaches & Margaret River for the wine and chocolate. We had alot of Chinese food in Perth but because my FIL prefer Chinese over Western Food. Not that I am complaining. The Chinese cuisine there is exceptionally good! :)

I WASN'T too hyped up in Perth due to many reasons and one of them is definitely the shopping malls. Perhaps I was too pampered in HK & SG, shopping in Perth can be quite a dread.

Flew back to SG on the 20th and we had lotsa catching up with our friends. Glad to be able to meet up with the LJ peeps for durian supper (sorry that I have to leave early to see doctor. Water retention the doctor says! ><), dinner with Jun & Zave (Congrats on the enagagement!! <3) and the Husband's besties for late CNY visiting! :)

After all the good times in SG, we flew back to reality on the 23rd to find my house soaked in water, like literately? The weather in HK is INSANELY wet due to high humidity. The celling started to get moldy (the horror!!), the tile walls are dripping with condensation water! I wanted to cry so much but I was too busy trying to make them dry! :( One of our guppy died too!! :(

I was so depressed over the wet house that the Husband decided to get me a dehumidifier the next day. I have no idea how it actually works but we leave it on throughout the whole night together with aircon, it's alarm went off 4am that morning and I went to check what happened. I was shocked that it shows the tank is full and I have to pour away 10L of water! I turn it on again and it's alarm went off 9am the next day. Goodness 20L of water sucked out from my room! It's like someone just pour water into our house!

I really hope the weather gets better soon because my laundry couldn't dry in time for the next round of laundry to be washed! :(

Exicted about the besties visiting us in HK this coming Wednesday! That's the reason why I have to update this now if not I will have more backlogs once they are here! :P


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