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Monday, May 07, 2007 3:54 PM

Baby insisted that I should put up some of his proud works that he had taken during our HK/BJ trip. So there you so!

These days we were busy preparing for our ROM and wedding. Still deciding where to hold the event but we do have somewhere in mind and am going to view the venue today after work. And also, still comtemplating which photographer to use for pre-wedding and AD shoot. Jonathan Ho or Kelvin Koh?

Daddy Damian is very nice to agreed on helping us to take nice photos on our Rom day! HEE.

Yesterday we went to source for bridal shops and signed up a package at Bliss. Pretty reasonable and include almost everything. If the rom dresses that they are providing are nice, I will prolly save the trouble of buying a new one. I need a pair of white heels thou. I have been trying to look for some nice gown design because my package includes a MTM gown, either for WG or EG. Hopefully can come out with something nice! ^^

Need to look for a nice white shirt and a pair of pants for baby.

Oh yes! We bought our wedding bands too from Sookee's Jac Laurent series. Both white and yellow gold. We were actually a little late but luckily we managed to get something nice and the sizes we want if not it takes about 7 weeks to customise one. ^^;

And so, the wedding bands and the proposal ring are still altering and engraving. Hopefully I can get them back soon to take some photos!

Too bad we can't attend the Marina Mandarin wedding show because we are pretty interested in holding our AD banquet there. Hopefully they have more wedding show to come along!

So much things to do! But it's all worth it. :D It's a once in a lifetime event so we mustn't "horse tiger"!

Very excited. HEE! More to come!

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