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Birthday surprise X 2!
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 9:43 PM

It all started last week when I met up with Huijun for a little catching up and she treated me my 1st birthday meal for this year @ fish & Co. Thank you girlie! <3 <3!

Saturday, I had a date with Ailing mei to catch The King and I. Man, I always love the story and I love Chow Yong Fatt's version of Anna and the King. I am sure Ailing loves it too! ^^

Anyway, before I meet up with Ailing, baby and I met up with WanSheng, my favourite wedding photographer to view his portfolio and discuss about the package that we might be engaging. The boys got too carried away after being too engross with photographer-porn and I thought it was rather amusing. But baby and I have nothing but all praises on his talent and we know we will definitely engage him for our wedding day! :)

We were almost late in meeting Ailing in Raffles City and by the time we reach, the carpark is as packed as sardine so baby ask me to go ahead without him as he can settle dinner himself... Sigh. Sometimes I really hate crowds and that's why I prefer to stay at home when there are some event going round town.

The Musical ends at 11pm and I thought baby will be around Marina to fetch me home but was a little disappointed to know he was already home. Ailing mei and I initially wanted to take a cab instead but we decided to give up instead of battling with the crowd, so we took the Mrt instead.

Baby pick me up from Kembangan Mrt and I can't wait to get home and have a cold shower. When I stood outside the door, I saw something funny on the tv screen. But what caught my attention later when I step into the house is this note...

I turned and found this on the tv screen:

And after clicking for the next clue... I saw:

I vividly recall that buckle is from baby's camera bag!

And when I open it up... I found:

I open the famous green box and this is in it!

My husband bought me a lovely necklace! And is the choice that I want deep inside my mind!

I love my husband! For the fact he dotes me like crazy. For the fact that he know me inside out. Almost like the wormy inside my tummy! <3 <3 <3!

Baby, I am sorry to think that you're too lazy to pick me up that day... didn't know you were stuck in the horrible jam after getting the necklace for me. You know I'll still love you even if you didn't bought the gift for me! HEE!

On monday, Ailing Mei, Peili, Kaijing, Dylan and Chungsiak wants to bring me out for a dinner @ Hog's Breath for my birthday and I am of course very excited about it! I always love to meet up with them because they are the closest friends I have in my heart!

Everything was as per normal where we settle down for a drink... ordered our food.. took lotsa photos and the start of all jokes and fun... when suddenly someone pops out from behind and planted a very heart warming kiss on my cheek! OMG IT'S THE HUSBAND!

And sooooooooooo....... my besties ganged up with my husband and threw a surprise party for me! Beri beri sneaky!

No wonder the husband ask me who is going for the party that night but when I ask him if he will be joining us, he gave me a very naughty smile and said no. Beri beri sneaky indeed.

No wonder Ailing mei insisted me to sit my back facing the entrance... so that I won't see my husband walking in! Beri beri sneaky indeed.

No wonder from Ailing mei's blog, she mention about something, some photos that are not ready to be seens by someone... They actually met up beforehand to handmade my birthday present! 4 clay figurines of me! Beri beri sneaky indeed.

They even got the husband to dash from Tampines to Orchard to get my cake and dash to Chijmes for the party. All this with me being kept in the dark! It's really a very very pleasant surprise!

I love the bear, the very lovely sunflower, the very cute card, the very sincere clay figurines and the very lovely surprise, the appearance of the husband! Thank you guys soooooooo much for the effort!

I know my smile for the night is rather awkward. But it's because I am in the midst of bursting into tears. I can't fake how I feel because I am truly happy!

Best friends are friends who are not only willing to share your sadness and joy, confide their feelings with you, but also doing little things to make you smile from within. Like everyone says, Action Speaks Louder Than Words. They don't come by as passerby... friendship like this takes years... and many years to nuture. The husband, Ailing, Huijun, Peili, Kaijing, Dylan, Chungsiak and my family are the best thing that had ever happened to me in my life. They are truly god sent. :)

Thanks for loving me for the past years. I love you guys!

Tomorrow will be a very quiet day for my actual day as the bank decided to eat my husband up again so I doubt we can meet up for a nice dinner. But hey, we don't need a special reason to meet up for a good meal. Furthermore, birthday happens every year! I had enough of pleasant surprise this year. I am contented. :)

Yo, everybody, it's my, it's my birthday! Tomorrow, that's it. :P

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