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Weekend getaway
Tuesday, August 07, 2007 8:39 AM

Last Sunday, we decided to treat our parents for a weekend getaway. I booked 2 rooms for a night stay at the Marina Mandarin Hotel with breakfast at AquaMarine. The day we check in, we had dinner at Dian Xiao Er and had a little walk in Marina Square.

The view from our rooms was spectacular BUT there isn't any firework displayed despite there is NDP rehersal. :( Baby and I was silly enough to stand at the balcony for an hour, holding on to our blardy heavy equipment, hoping to shoot the fireworks.

Sister decided to go for last minute shopping at MNG, Zara and Lacoste and ask me to tag along. Damn funny. We felt like tourist totally. ><

We check out the next day and had pretty early breakfast buffet.

After we check out, I hopped over to baby's place. My in-laws are back for about a week and we had dinner together with the rest of the family @ Changi's HK cafe. Many many many dishes! But I love them all! HEE.

I put on some weight over the weekend. Damn. The meesua diet for the past 2 months have gone down the drain. T-T

15 days to my 23rd! I have decided to get either of the pendent... Any advise on which one to get? ^^ Hope they won't cost more than $300... (dig from ang baos! ><)

Say hello to my 2 babies.

Hello babies.

My husband tooks really nice photos but with my ugly face in them. HAHA! Anyway here I am promoting his new site again.

Clicky, please?

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