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It's confirmed!
Monday, September 17, 2007 9:59 AM

Pardon the previous entry. But I think such dishonest act deserves harsh verbal punishment. Grr grr. I hate people who make my love ones upset.

My severe sunburn is recovering quite well except for the chest area. It's so painful that I couldn't sleep at night because the skin looks pretty raw (ouch) and once I flip to the side, the pain is unbearable. It looks pretty fried and I worried that it won't recover anytime soon. Don't wish it will turn out 2 tone when I wear the wedding gown next year. T-T

Let's see what I have applied to heal the burn:

-Banana boat aloe vera gel
-Johnson's Baby bedtime lotion
-Neutrogena Moisture Defense (works perfectly on face!)
-Avene Skin Recovery Cream

I have learnt my lesson. Baby said no more suntan for me. But cannot lah because I really need to balance the bikini tanlines I have for tube gowns! ><

Saturday we had lunch again at E.Blackboard western food. Oh so good! But sinful to the figure. ^_^; Really wanted to do something constructive on a Saturday but once we reach home, we heard the bed calling out for us and zonk off totally. By the time we woke up, it's time for dinner.

We head down to Century Square and decided to get a new mobile for my Mum. It's really difficult to get something simple and nice... after much discussion with my Sister over the phone, we got her the Nokia 7390 pink. Wanted the brown version but was told that it stop production already. :/

We also bought some moonies back home. Nothing beats Good Wood Park's Durian snow skin!

Baby was very sweet to send me back home and pass the new mobile to my Mum. The very least we can do to cheer Mum up anyway...

On Sunday, baby and I, together with my parents and sister went down to The Oriental Hotel. And so the deed is done. We have signed the contract and paid the 5k (gasp!!!) deposit.

These days I have been pressing the calculator furiously... trying to remind myself that we should seriously save up for the wedding... the amount of money we are gonna spend is hefty but of course... once in a lifetime... we can't just opt for 2nd for everything...

Let's see what are the things we need to spend on...

Bridal Package: S$3388
Wedding Photography: S$5200
Wedding Banquet: S$1280 X 38 - 1 = S$44,360
Groom's outfit (estimated 2 suits and 2 shirts + ties): S$500
Accessories (Shoes + necklace?): S$300
Renovations + furnitures: S$5000?!
Wedding Biscuits: S$1000
Angbaos: I DON'T KNOW! :(

I don't dare to tally them at all now. The amount makes my heart cringe. *sayang baby's pocket*

Anyway, baby is doing some really interesting photography project... Take alook at them here! :)

Good day everyone!

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