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Major updates on the 2 and a half week vacation.
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 9:41 AM

Chinese New Year 2008:

I don't know man. But CNY is never really exciting for me. Unlike my friends who find CNY fulfilling, my CNY is always about staying at home, not much relatives popping by to visit. The worse part is that we have to spend it at the jurong house, which is so blardy far away from Town. :(

[除夕夜] We had reunion dinner @ TungLok Tuas, went to the temple at night, wait for the right time to welcome the fortune god and 守歲 for my parents...

[大年初一] Some close relatives came over, had my favourite meesua, baby and his family came over for visiting and we went out to catch CJ7 in Vivo.

[大年初二] Baby came over for visiting, we went back to his place for visiting, evening went to his family chalet and home sweet home for me.

I guess the best part of CNY is having a class gathering at Ailing mei's house. Really gotta thank her mum's help for preparing the steamboat dinner. We had lotsa fun (under statment!) and the wii I brought along helps abit too. Blackjack-ed and I won some money. Not much but statisfied. :) Man, I can't forget the taste of the cheese sotong ball! Oh so good!

Korea trip:

[Day 1] We set off on the 11th of Feb, taking a night flight to Korea. I can hardly take a nap because my back was aching like mad due to the position of the seat. We reach Seoul like 5+am and took a domestic flight to Jeju.

I totally underestimated the weather in Korea. I thought I brought enough to cover myself but the weather was practically freezing my ass off. I even bought a cap and a extra thick pair of gloves there but my fingers were still numb. The only thing which is good enough to keep me warm is my pair of Ugg boots. They are god sent. My feet were the only place that feel warm. haha. Smoke comes out from our mouth when we talk. It's really amusing.

[Day 2] We were supposed to spend a day in Jeju. Actually I can't really remember what I did there because I really had brain freeze. All I can remember was puking in the coach because the flight to Jeju met with a bad turbulence and the jerky coach didn't help much for my recovery in time. [Hotel: KAL Hotel ****]

okok. Now I remember having bbq pork for my 1st meal in Jeju. hahaah. And also, because the weather was TOO cold, everyone in the tour group refuse to get off the bus when we are supposed to go for a night shopping. So in the end we went back to the hotel pretty early. -_-

[Day 3] The next day, we finally see snow! It was snowing at Mt Halla where the famous "Ghost Road" were found. Cars actually roll up the slope instead of rolling down.

we took a flight back to Seoul and thats where the real journey starts man. [Hotel: Millennium Seoul Hilton hotel ******]

We practically change hotel every single day. But the good part about SA Tour is that all the hotel we stayed in are 4-6 stars hotel. Since I am quite particular about accomodation... hehehehehe.

[Day 4] Woke up extremely early that day and we set off to Yong Pyong Ski Resort. Wah the cold-ness in Yong Pyong is blardy scary. No way I can just stand still there. I have to keep fidgiding to keep warm.

Tried skiing for the 1st time. It's pretty scary leh. I realise I am not really good at sports that require good balance and "rolling". Baby and his family enjoyed thou. Hee.

It's was V-day that day. Didn't celebrate it thou but it's still good to have each other by the side and enjoy the snowing scene. Pretty romantic! We also tried playing with fireworks while our feet sunking into the snow. [Hotel: Dragon Valley Resort ****]

[Day 5] That morning, we woke up early and took a cable car up to Cafe Cheo-Um where they shoot Winter Sontana. The temperature up there was even colder than the resort area. It was snowing quite heavily and the snow was very thick. My boots was once stuck in the snow and I almost fell down. :/ But it was a very pretty scene! I can even see the very pretty shape of the snow flakes that land on my gloves but I couldn't take photo of them because my fingers are numb. Haha.

We left Yong Pyong and head towards Spa Castle Resort where they have spa and outdoor playground pool. A little disappointed that I can't go along for the spa and swim as my period came at the PERFECT timing (2nd day of the trip) but it's okie! I watch TV for the whole time when the rest are out enjoying.

Have to jot down this funny incident. I actually washed my lingeries and place them at the balcony to air them thinking that since it's so windy outside, my lingeries should be able to dry by tomorrow. But who knows 2 hours later, I found my underwear frozen in ice and I got a shock. Haha... in the end I place it under the light to de-froze it and dry it.

I love the resort because each unit comes with 2 bedrooms, one living room with kitchen. One room with a queen size bed and the other with tatami on heated flooring. It looks like a really luxury service apartment. [Hotel: Spa Castle Resort *****]

[Day 6] Felt a little sad to leave the resort. We head our way to the famous Premium Outlet store where they have many branded store all situation next to each other. Didn't get anything because at the price, I can get newer season in Singapore.

Visited the famous Everland. Took the Gondola to the other end of Everland and it's freezing lor! Other than going for the Safari ride, I tried nothing else. Bought some cute ear muffles from the souvenir shop thou.

Went shopping at Dongdaemun. I think it's overly-hyped because I didn't get a single thing there. Baby and I took about 30 minutes finished walking around and spend the rest of the time sitting in the cafe drinking and waiting for the rest. [Hotel: Riviera Hotel ****]

[Day 7] I guess I am not really into historical sight-seeing. I can't remember a single name of the location we visited! ><

Quite excited about going Lotte World thou. We didn't went out for their outdoor rides because it was really cold and in the end we took only 2 rides in the indoor amusment park. I hate 炸醬麵. Period. [Hotel: Lotte World Hotel ******]

[Day 8] Since it's last day, itinerary was pretty simple. Shopping @ Shinch'on and the tour guide brought us to a place where they sell lotsa local goodies.

=Home sweet home!=

What I learn about Korea?

- Samsung, Hyundai and Lotte are everywhere! Alot of apartment also belong to them. Man... can imagine how rich they are.

- Now I know why Koreans are hardly big in size. The food they eat are always healthy! I didn't even put on an ounce after eating SO MUCH there.

- They have really sweet strawberry and orange leh! Love love love the strawberry so much!

- Some Koreans can be quite rude... :/

- Suddenly I fell in love with BBQ pork and rice.

- Korea is a very clean country. I think to a certain extend, they are even cleaner than Singapore.

- Perhaps Korea is not a good place for shopping for me. I brought like 500 SGD of Korea Won and in the end I used less than 2 third of it.

Baby and I celebrated belated V-day last Monday. We had a really sweet but simple date by doing a little shopping, watching a movie and have a nice dinner together. We hardly have time to do all these in a day ever since he started working... Really cherish all the time we spent together!

Phuket trip:

Was supposed to fly on Tuesday evening. Baby and I reach 1st and I was puzzled why the flight departure information board didn't indicate the details of the flight we are taking that day but baby told me perhaps they have yet to update it. -_-

While waiting for our friends, we realise something is not right so baby went to the check in counter and asked about the flight but in the end we were told that our flight was postpone to next day morning! OMG. Imgaine all of us lugged our barang all the way to the airport and got a rude shock about the flight postpone. Ugh!

In the end, we tried calling the hotel in Phuket to cancel that night's accomodation but was told that it's too late for them to cancel and they have to charge us as usual! UUGGGGGGGH! Not sure if the rest decided to complain to Jetstar about this situation but having to pay for a night stay for nothing when it's not our fault, I don't think I can just let the matter rest.

Anyway, the only consolation we have is that since it's a morning flight next day, in return we were given another day to enjoy ourselves.

[Day 1] Reached Phuket airport and took the airport transport which was arranged by the resort and check in Sugar Palm Kata. We stayed near Kata Beach throughout our trip.

The hotel is situated just 3 minutes walk to the Kata Beach. Cleanliness is passable and the outlook is pretty much like a boutique hotel. Not too bad!

We spent like half a day in Kata beach Suntanning and the girls trying to do a sand (mud) spa on me. After getting all grilled and sandy, we went back to the resort and soak in the pool for another hour.

Good food is everywhere Phuket and we were quite spoilt for choice. So in the end we chose to eat authentic thai food. Don't expect us to eat western food in Thailand right? :P

What's better than a foot massage after walking for the whole day? Totally relaxing!

[Day 2] We didn't managed to book the little trip to Phi Phi island on time so we went shopping at Phuket town instead. After breakfast, we took a mini van to Phuket Town and spend a few hours wondering around the Central shopping mall. Had MK for lunch! I love MK!

Our plan was to go clubbing at Patong beach so we took a Tuk Tuk to Patong Beach's Bangla road. Thinking that we were too early, we spend some time at the Beach before making our way to have dinner and find a good pub to settle down. But after dinner, we realise alot of Pub are closed and unsure about the reason behind it, we went back to Kata (via a taxi which squeeze all 6 of us in it!) and thought of buying beer back to the resort and have a mini party in the room.

To our surprise, 7-11 is not selling beer too! And it have a piece of note stuck on the fridge, stating that beer won't be sold during National Election and will only resume the sales on Monday. Wow... didn't know it's a rule not to sell beer during election! Something new I learnt during the trip. Anyway some other shops still sell beer despite the election so got it from somewhere else instead of 7-11. But before the guys decided to drink the night away, we went for a full body massage. :P

[Day 3] Have to wake up early for the Phi Phi island trip! Had a very early breakfast and we were picked up from our resort to the pier where we take the speedboat to Phi Phi.

The package we took up include going to Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay and Khai Beach. Include drinks and fruits plus lunch. Pretty exciting! We did snorkeling, kayaking, sun tanning and swimming in the sea.

I can't swim for nuts... so it took me only 3 minutes snorkeling in the sea before coming close to tears, insist of going back to the speedboat. :P I was struggling pretty badly once I was in the sea as my lifevest was very loose and almost came off. My upper body is sinking and my butt keeps floating in the surface of the water. So naturally, the 1st thing I did was to held on tightly to baby. In the midst of the struggling, I kept pushing him down in the water and almost drown him. >< My bad!

The tour around the beaches occupied us for almost half a day. By the time we got back to the hotel, we are starving already. Dinner was excellent and statisfying! ^^

[Day 4] Woke up slightly later for breakfast and we check out at 12pm. Left our baggage at the hotel and we took a Tuk Tuk to Karon beach for shopping.

Karon was pretty disappointing because the stuffs sold in the market are more expensive than Kata. Furthermore all the shopowners are not friendly at all. After lunch, we walk all the way back to Kata from Karon.

Did all last minute shopping and foot massage (happy!) before we make our way to the airport. Upon reaching, the uber long and slow queue almost killed us. We queued for more than an hour before we can check in and realise that there is NO queue in Terminal 2, where we are supposed to check in! After the check in queue, we have to queue again at the immigration. Imagine our horror when we realise that we are late for boarding. But because the entire airport got jammed, therefore all flights got delay. -_-

By the time we reach home, both of us totally zonked out. zzzzz

What I learn about Phuket?

- Things are not as cheap as BKK.

- I feel that they sorta discriminate chinese.

- Funny quotes from them: "Same same but different", "Cheap cheap".

- They think that all Singaporeans speak with a "Lah" and a "Lor".

Met up with Ailing mei and Peili for dinner on Monday. Always very happy to catch up with them again! ^^


Gotten the letter from Hoihup and received a queue number to select a unit. But the queue number wasn't very ideal and I was checking online for the flats availabilty, the units that we are interested in are taken up.

There are many factors out there stopping us from getting the house anyway... and the most important factor is that my Inlaws wasn't very supportive about it as they think that HDB won't appreciate anytime soon.

It's a really painful choice for me to let this dreamhouse go. But I don't want baby to be torn in between us and I know it's important to have supports from our parents before we can go ahead to book a unit. Sigh. I wish i can get over it soon. But it's just opposite my block leh. And I will sure see it everyday when I go to and fro from work. :(

So now, we are keeping a lookout for freehold condos around our area. Since my Inlaws are pretty good with property investment... I guess I shall just let them decide for us.

Food For Thought:

The greatest kind of love isn't just about what you can do for the one you love. But it's about what can you do to yourself, for the one you love.

I was reading this blog about this girl coping and living strong after losing her significant half. She move on, maybe not always smoothly, without forgetting him. I am not sure I can be half as brave as her because I always thought that if one day I were to lose the one I love very much, I will prolly find my way to join him. :/

Her entries made me cry. And I definitely learnt a great lesson from her. Cherish every moment you have with your love ones. Life is full of uncertainties.

p.s: the entry is too long! so please pardon me if there is any grammer or spelling error! ><

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