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Thursday, March 20, 2008 1:28 PM

seriously lack of updates. What more can I ask for, other than 24 hours of freetime to do my own things?

Here i am eating the silky bean gingko nuts dessert (腐竹薏米) while looking after the shop for mum because she and my sister are stuck at Mount E. The blardy car can't start due to empty batteries.

For the past few weeks I have been burying myself at home, throwing tons and tons of things away while trying to squeeze my entire life barang barang into 5 big brown boxes. My house is finally undergoing major facelift. According to my mum, their decision is because of my upcoming wedding. Wah, 感动。 Hee. I know my Sister is secretly screaming for joy because the room is finally hers, all by herself. Bah!

Having to stayed there for like 23 years ++++++++, I have feelings for every single things in the house. From the tiles, to cupboards, to every single inch of spider web, it's really hard to think that I will no longer be living under the same roof with my parents, whom works better than normal alarm clocks to wake me up in the morning for work. Thou at times, their constant nagging does puts me off, looking at the empty house of Husband scares me off sometimes.

So yes, for the past 2 weeks I threw away lotsa stuff that I no longer need, can't wear, not using and unneccessary. Come to think of it, I threw lotsa toys away, only leaving behind those my dear husband bought for me, Kuma and blythe dolls. I don't know where all this guts came from. Perhaps I know I can never bring every single thing with me if I were to move out some day...

All the 5 boxes I have filled up was so heavy that it can't be easily pushed. Till now I still suffer from the chestpain due to too much force. I wonder how my dispatch driver managed to carry them from my place to the husband's house. He look even skinnier than me lor. ><

After the hassle of packing my own house, and halfway through the renovation already, Husband and I started packing his room because we need to buy new furniture and do new flooring for our bridal room. After one week, we only managed to finish one cupboard, and looking forward to clear out the waredrobe. That reminds me that I should remind husband to call up the carpenter!

Other than all these kind of "chapalang" stuff for renovation, I am also busy doing research on the major decision that we have made. Can't reveal much until things are 100% concrete. Mind damaging leh. The husband don't get it why I am more ganjiong than him. But seriously, that's what wife is for right? Doing all the backend worrying while the husband is chiong-ing at the frontline. Tsk.

Oh yeah, I also went for my 1st gown fitting last weekend. Wow... no wonder people always say bride is always the prettiest on their big day. I think I look kinda okie in gown. Just that I am a little too "flat". HAHA. More or less decided on the design so tomorow we are going down again to do our MTM design. Pretty excited! Hope I can take some photos of the gowns I have tried on! :)

Ok. I got heaps of photos to update but I really got no time la. So meanwhile, make do with this very length text update and patiently look forward to more photos soon! <3

Happy holiday tomorrow everyone!

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